Friday, October 10, 2014

Spookley & Columbus: Peek at my Week! (Five for Friday Style!)

Each classroom in our building participates in a school-wide
anti-bully campaign and this year, we are using SPOOKLEY as our
special guest speaker!  After a very special lesson from our school counselor we decided to write Spookley a letter and tell him how amazing he is!
And our project wouldn't be complete without adding some special ART too!

Now the very same day we worked on this project, 
I received an email from the very lovely Jennifer White saying that I just WON her SPOOKLEY bundle
Friends, this unit is so COOL and I can't wait to do more with it!    Be sure to add it to your TPT carts!
Spookley the Square Pumpkin Book Companion
Now, up next-
We are FALLING into Close Reading in Room 102!
Close Reading for the Fall (14 Nonfiction Passages)
A very sweet "firstie friend" (Jessica Tobin) shared this unit with me and I am falling more & more in LOVE with CLOSE Reading!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine my little first graders would be capable of handling such rigorous text- but I was the best possible way! This week, we took a very famous historical figure and got busy reading!

Day 1 of our Columbus Day Close Read:
Cold Read of the Passage & annotating interesting vocabulary with our yellow highlighters.

Day 2:
A Warm Read aloud & completing a graphic organzier of our 4 favorite words from the passage!  
This sweetie was so proud, she asked to share it with the class!

Day 3:
HOT read aloud & test-dependent questions.
We also used our orange highlighters to identify the main idea & key details.
Day 4:
Partner reading, Fact Finder Writing, and a Ship in a Bottle art project!

Now if you enjoyed any of these awesome activities, you will find them next in my Columbus Day Five for Friday!
Power Passages {Christopher Columbus} Fluency, Writing, Ar
The amazing Katie Knight has this FAB power passage unit for sale on TPT!  This baby is JAMMED-PACKED with C.C. goodness!  Click on the image to grab it!

Don't miss this great freebie! 

Columbus Day- Ship in a Bottle Freebie!
 Our art project was inspired by this!  Click on the image above for this adorable freebie from Teach-a-Roo!
Columbus Day Voyage
Click on the image above to download Jodi's awesome Freebie LOADED with great activities!
Columbus Day FREEBIE - ELA & Math CCSS Printables
Now if you have been following me awhile, you know that a week could NOT go by without some LISA MATTES goodness!
Click on the image above to grab her FABULOUS FREEBIE!
Well friends, that's all for now!
Stay tuned....SPIDERS are invading Room 102 next week!

Friday, September 26, 2014

An Applicious Peek at My Week: Five for Friday Style!

I think the majority of primary teachers will say that introducing your Apples unit brings a certain amount of joy to your classroom.  I for one, absolutely LOVE this unit and it's our first real exposure to incorporating Science lessons into our studies, which as many of you already know is one of my FAVORITE things to do as a first grade teacher!  I get even more giddy when our ELA studies just 
happens to be the "ap" family this week!  Everything meshing together makes this dear teacher sooooo happy!
We began our Apple Introductions last week and as you can see by the slathering of information on our Focus Wall, we are digging deep into Apples!

Our weekly Math interactive notebook lesson was using Apples to solve addition problems!

We analyzed which apple was our favorite-

 We are learning all about making connections when we read and how to spot TEXT features in our non-fiction readers!

Meerkat the Connector is just one of many reading strategy critters that we are using to make strong connections when we are reading.  Check out the Critter Cafe here for more details!

 The kids were STOKED to get their little scientist minds rolling with predictions and writing a hypothesis for our first apple experiment!
 Here is our Apple Oxidation Predictions-

 The next morning, we came in and discovered that Lemon Juice and Milk will keep an apple from turning brown!  COOL!
 How did we explore the word "Rotten"?  Well with a simple little experiment!  Pretty gross but fun!

Look at our little scientists in action!  
Labeling the parts of an apple!

 Two of our scientists used a terrific strategy of "using the word walls in the room" to help them check their understanding!
 Apple Week wouldn't be complete without an Apple ERUPTION!
Totally made the kids go WOW, Awesome!!!!!
Now if you are looking to get your hands on some of these amazing activities, let me share that information with you,
Five for Friday style!
These five Fab Products are guaranteed to make your Apple Studies and Exploration totally DELICIOUS!
Johnny Appleseed Traveling Party: Apple Day Stations
Click on the image above to grab this product from the very talented Lisa Richling!  Lisa has packed this unit full of science projects and my kids gave it TWO THUMBS UP!
Apple-licious Activities
The amazing Sarah Paul has delivered an amazing CLOSE Read unit that is SUPER delicious!  I was using her previous version the last two years, but she has recently updated this pack and it is FANTASTIC!  Sarah celebrates even the tiniest details in a unit and I absolutely love that about her creativity!
Apples, Apples Everywhere! Glyph and Apple Poem Activities
The super-sweet Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies has this awesome Apple Art Project that I adore!  We are making the apples today!
Johnny Appleseed Reading Fluency for Little Learners
My Firstie Friend Kathy Griffin has this awesome resource and my kids LOVE the video and song!  If you are looking for some Smartboard or techno-fabulous resources to use during apple week, this is it!
Common Core Crunch - September - ELA CCSS Printables - Gro
The lovely Lisa Mattes has some great morning work activities that will spice up your THEME WEEKS in September!  I would be lost without my daily Common Core Crunch!
Well, I hope you are having as DELICIOUS of a week as I am!
Have a fabulous weekend sweet friends!
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