Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clip System Behavior Management

That IS the question!

I love the Clip Chart Behavior Management System by Rick Morris.  (Check out his ebook for free!)
I noticed that many teachers are currently using it and interchanging the colors to emphasis their classroom needs.  After many reflections on last year's behavior issues in my classroom, I decided I needed to update and modify my current system to encourage students to CLIP UP when they can!  So many students get sluggish and shut down after changing their cards and ending the day on a "bad" color.  There is no opportunity for them to try again, so sometimes they just give up.  Then, there are those students ALWAYS on green (having great days)... But that too can loose it's  luster over time.  

Wouldn't it be great to CLIP UP every now and again!  Seeing a student being a leader, demonstrating strong leadership should get them a Clip Up!  Caring for others, acts of kindness, are all reasons to Clip Up.  Even students who must Clip Down still can try again to have a better day and Clip Up if they can earn it.  The only difference is that both colors earned that day would be recorded on the student's behavior chart.

It would be important to stress to students and parents that the daily focus behavior is GREEN: Great Day & Ready to Learn!  Additional Clip UP's may not happen every day and that is okay! 
Meghan over at First Grade with a Cherry on Top has the MARVELOUS incentive idea for the Clip System.  I am "borrowing" it because it is so fabulous!  For every PINK clip up earned, a child can take out the class Best Behavior Prize Catalog and choose an award to take home with them that day!  (I went over to TPT and downloaded some freebies!  Forgive me, I need to hunt down the source and post it speedy quick!)  

Front Side is the selection page

Students are shown how to turn to the backside, and remove one pre-cut award from the sleeve.  They simply bring it up to me to sign and PRESTO!  Ready to take home!

I have a separate section in the Catalog for our MONTHLY incentive participants too!  

 If a student has an OUTSTANDING day in first grade and earns a PURPLE clip up, the student can immediately choose a piece of BLING to stick on his/her clip.  OoooooLaLa!!  How FANCY DANCY is that!  Meghan is genius!  
So take a peek at my catalog binder and check out our BLING in the basket... (bought it with a coupon from JoAnn fabric--just remember to buy the self-adhesive craft jewels!) 

If your in the market for a CLIP UP system, hop on over to my TpT store and grab this great freebie!  Don't forget to leave feedback so I can be encouraged to keep promoting my products for free on TpT!


  1. I also love Rick Morris! I've heard him speak twice! Have you checked out his Music Central? I use TV tunes ALL the time! I just discovered his classroom alarm clock and think it's genius!!! I'm going to use it for all of my kiddos that go to speech or RSP or ELL because you can customize the sound! :)

    Grade Three is the Place for Me

    1. Janis, I am dying to check out his classroom alarm clock! Thanks for the suggestion! You're right! Rick is GENIUS!!!

      Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. This is fantastic! I also use a clip chart where they can move their clip up or have their clip moved down. It makes a big difference! I love the clipart you chose for each level! Welcome to the blog world!

    A Turn to Learn

    1. Thank you Jessica! I just checked yours out too and it looks great!
      I just joined your blog! Now we can be teaching pals in Blogger Land!
      Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. I started the clip chart several weeks in school last year because I had some students that were challenging. It worked WONDERS!! I LOVE IT!! It worked so well that now all of K & 1st in my school are using it!!!

    1. So glad to meet you! We have been in school for 7 days and already, HUGE results using the CLIP System! SOOOOO much better than my previous behavior program!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe


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