Monday, August 27, 2012

First Grade Privacy Walls

I had some special requests to take a peek at my privacy walls that I have the students use for all tests, quizzes and personal writing assessments!  With TPT now in the forefront, many of these items I used to create the wall are now free or easily downloadable from my original source (Busy Teachers Cafe).

Simply made, I took 2 manilla folders, sealed the edges with clear packing tape, stick-glued all items in place, and laminated on the slowest speed possible! ( Actually, I must give credit to my parent helpers who did most of the gluing for me!!)   I have 2 sets of privacy walls.  The red folders are strictly reading related.  The blue walls are for math!

I have been using these privacy walls for four years now and they are still in GREAT shape!  My secret?  Keep all folders in one centralized location in the classroom.  If they start to unseal, bring in the iron (turn steam setting off) and gently on low heat, iron out the air pockets!

My kids feel much more confident taking tests and assessments with a little help from their resource walls!  That is, in fact, one of the strongest strategies I can teach them- "Use your resources to help you!"


Inside Reading Wall

Outside of Reading Wall

Inside of Math Wall

Outside of Math Wall

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