Monday, August 27, 2012

Library Book Box Managers

                                      Using the Daily 5?
     This helpful tool will help you keep track of all your reading book baskets or boxes and gives students ownership and responsibility so the teacher is no longer taking care of all the books in the class library!  After watching a short video segment on the Sisters' website, I now issue and post a number (1-32) on each of my book boxes using a small color code sticker.  Each student also has a corresponding #.  As you are building stamina during Read to Self time, introduce your library and this managing system.  Student #1 will be in charge of book box #1 all year.  That includes caring for the books in the box, facing the books, returning books correctly, and removing books that don't belong.  For those students ready for more responsibility, issue 2 boxes to that student.  EASY PEASY!  I plan on keeping my checklist on a clipboard hanging next to my library shelves.  In addition to the numbered sticker, I do plan on having each "manager" make a homemade label identifying that box as "poetry" or "fairytales".  I think that is the best way to provide a sense of ownership to each book box!

Here you see one of our Accelerated Reader book boxes with a blue sticker.  The sticker will soon have a # on it and a student manager in charge of this box the ENTIRE year!

Accelerated Reader table labeled showing Box # and Student managers 1, 2, and 3

The book labels pictured our from last year.  I would LOVE for the kiddos to create their own labels this year.
Once a manager is assigned to each box, they can then design the label!   If students are having a hard time with choosing a theme, I may use the old labels left to do a GRAB TAG out of a hat!
      Two great questions that are asked frequently;                              "How many books go in personal student book boxes AND how often do students exchange books?" Using the Daily 5, I begin the year with 4 books in each student's book box.  (2 are from our district's Basal Reading Series and the other 2 are Levels B-D books).  As we build our reading stamina, we eventually top out at 10 books!  Now here is where I have some secret control...  Students are invited to choose 6 (at level or "just-right" books) from the classroom library, 3 Accelerated Reader books from the Accelerated Readers' Library table, and last but not least, the 10th book in the box is their reading basal book.  I have let go of the assumption that all the stories in the basal need to be TOP SECRET!  We want students building stamina, making connections, using prior knowledge, and adjusting predictions by using repeating readings like the basal.  I use the following weekly schedule that easily manages our BOOK EXCHANGE days.  

Students 1-5 exchange during morning work on Mondays
Students 6-10 exchange during morning work on Tuesdays
Students 11-15 exchange during morning work on Wednesdays
Students 16-20 exchange during morning work Thursdays
Students 21-26 exchange during morning work on Fridays

They can exchange A.R. books AFTER a quiz is completed.
They can exchange feature themed books weekly.
They can exchange leveled books AFTER check-out conference with teacher (which happens during CAFE conferring).

      I sure hope I was able to make things easier for you! I have uploaded a FREE edible checklist on TpT so grab it and leave some love!  xoxo
                                                 Happy Monday! 


  1. My summer goal should've been sorting and leveling my books. I kick myself every time I hunt for books. Great idea. Oh, and thanks for stopping by blog.

    You Might Be a First Grader...

    1. Thanks for commenting Brenda! This library system is so easy! The kids do most the work! LOVE that for building responsible little first graders!


  2. Great plan for the student managed book baskets...I don't think it's too late to implement that with my kiddos. They will love it!

    1. Hi Heather!
      Never too late to implement an easy system like this one! Builds great confidence with the kids taking ownership of the books in the classroom!



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