Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daily 5 Summer Conference

The Daily 5 CAFE workshop in Ann Arbor last Wednesday was A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!  

The sisters were fabulous (as always) and I was so happy to stop and chat with them briefly afterwards!  
Gail Moushey followed by my teaching peeps, Deb, Miriam, and Michelle.  The tall girl with sparkly eyes is me because I was so darn excited to stand next to Joan Mosser!

These two ladies have inspired me so much that my blog's name had to have CAFE in it somewhere!!  LOL!
And speaking of Cafe, I am so happy to have my Critter Cafe' ready to go for this year's new class of firsties!  During the seminar I realized that I need more practice with developing strategy groups (in place of guided reading groups) and one-on-one conferring takes me too long!  After watching the videos, the Sisters conferring techniques are SMOOTH!  I need to get MORE conferences in during the day.  I also need to overhaul my Pensieve and make it less-scary and more user-friendly!  I started working with a digital Pensieve using my iPad.  It ROCKS!  I followed a short tutoral from The Lesson Plan Diva and had it up and running on the iPad in no time!  The only downside to having an electric data binder is that when the information accumulated on the spreadsheet, it was not user-friendly when trying to sort individual students info.  BUT GOOD NEWS!  This fall, the sisters are coming out with a digital Pensieve for about 20 bucks per license.  I can't wait!  The previews they showed us were amazing and all your recording information is stored in the cloud in real-time!  Total GENIUS!

If you haven't had the pleasure already, be sure to sign up for the Daily 5 and CAFE conference ASAP!  Worth every penny!  Check out these FANTASTIC freebies from the CAFE conference!  

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  1. I cannot believe that you got to go to this conference. I am so stinkin jealous! I bet it was fabulous. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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