Sunday, September 30, 2012

Johnny Appleseed

Let me just say this was, by far, the BEST Johnny Appleseed day EVER!  I owe much thanks to three special resources!

First up are 2 anchor charts that I found on Pinterest from Life in First Grade!  Leslie's blog is AMAZING to say the least and I am thrilled to have found her in the bloggie world!  I am a lefty, and my handwriting is BLAH!  My drawings are even more.... *BLAH* *BLAH*!  Thank you Leslie for inspiring me to try my best on your anchor charts!  The kiddos loved them, especially for quick reference during Work on Writing time!  

Following the great ideas from Life in First Grade, students were introduced to "Tall Tales" as a Genre.  To add informational text to our learning, we also read about the life of Johnny, and put a post-it next to our favorite fun fact(s) about Johnny that we wanted to write about during Work on Writing!

The second and most inspiring resource, is Stephany Dillion's Johnny Appleseed unit!  She has graciously posted her unit for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Be sure to leave her some A+ feedback when you download this fabulous freebie!  This is what I used from Stephany's unit:
This word sort was tons of fun!
It really offered a Quick Assessment on what sounds students did or did not know!

Time to Write those Real and Nonsense words on your lists!

We used Macaw the Confirmer with our Weekly Readers to CONFIRM predictions while reading!

After sampling some red, yellow, and green apples, we recorded our class data  on this awesome apple survey!  The kids LOVED this activity! 

Students got to choose (during Work on Writing) from these 2 fun prompts:  All About Johnny and What would you plant?
We are going to compare the life of Johnny Appleseed to another famous Tall Tale Hero using a Venn Diagram!

Now time for my third favorite Johnny resource....
Two Thumbs up BRAIN POP Jr.
WOW! AWESOME online resource!!
I needed a quick video segment to share with the kiddos and found this after a fast google search!
There is a yearly membership fee of 145 bucks, which is pretty steep.... BUT, many of the activities and videos are free!
So check it out ahead of time for some very fun, engaging, and interactive materials on just about any topic you can think up!  
We watched a video on Johnny's life, learned 5 new interesting words from the WORD WALL, and did just about every activity that was offered on the page for Johnny!  Brain Pop Jr. is definitely a keeper in Room 102!

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