Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching

Friends, I feel like this year I have totally transitioned my teaching practices AND style a full 360 degrees!  (And it's only the 12th day of school!)  I came across a blog post over at The Polka Dot Patch and became very curious about this "Whole Brain Teaching" approach that was a very hot topic of discussion.  As any good teacher would, I hopped on over to YOU TUBE and did a little fast research!  All I can say is WOW!  HOT DOG!!!  I am LOVING this!!  
My demographics this year:  19 boys, 7 girls.  That's right folks.  Oh my!  So to better my chances at sanity, I knew I needed something new and fresh to keep this class engaged!  I spent the two nights before school started replaying the videos and teaching myself the basics of the Whole Brain Approach to Learning.  I hopped over to TPT and grabbed some freebie posters to get me started and on the first day of school I spent the entire day in WHOLE BRAIN teaching mode!  The kids ROCKED with it!  

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought frames because these posters are SO SPECIAL to our class this year!
The Rules posters are from Third Grade Thoughts
The teaching posters are from Teacher on a Mission
Action: Cup ears, point to the teacher, make talking gesture with hands.

Action: hands making the forward fishy swimming motion fast

Action: Hands outward towards our friends, Hands in pointing to ourselves, Hands making a huge circle encompassing the school.

Action:  Raise hand high, make it speak, make walking fingers up to the ceiling

Action: With hands, make personal space bubble around us, make a hug around self, hands over heart.

I added a RULE 6 just because I love "I can keep my dear teacher  happy!"
Action: Frame face, bop side to side, smiling at the teacher

How am I sprinkling WBT in to my day?
I begin every morning meeting with reviewing our 6 class rules posters with the TEACH, OK!  I use it for longer mini-lessons when introducing new Daily 5 and Literacy Cafe strategies, and I have incorporated it into my Calendar Math time too!  I LOVE IT!  Please don't hesitate in using it!  It WORKS wonders!  The key is CONSISTENCY!  Every day!

Please enjoy some of my favorite teaching videos on Whole Brain Teaching!  Be sure to check out Chris Bifle's website too!  He is a genius!

In addition to the WBT's Scoreboard, I am also giving some LOVE each time my class does something LOVELY for the teacher!

When my HEART is full, the kids get 10 minutes of free time or extra recess minutes!

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