Saturday, October 6, 2012

My CAFE Pensieve (Linky Party)

Did someone say....CAFE?
Well Hot**Diggity**Dog!

I think Jennifer O.over at Seriously Primary is pulling on my heartstrings because I LOVE ME some CAFE!  
 Ms. Oyler is hosting this lovely linky party with a focus on the CAFE Pensieve.  I was thrilled about that because I just put the  final touches on my Pensieve this week!  YIPPEE! So what are we waiting for! Let's get started. (Oh, by the way, I am, by no means, an expert.  We will leave that to the Sisters!)  

First, some background information:
This is my third year using Daily 5 and second year using CAFE.  Our district has adopted the Sisters' Framework and the CAFE! How cool is that!  Now all of our primary & intermediate teachers are getting on board with the best literacy framework...EVER!

My district also mandates the STAR online assessments for Early Literacy during the first few weeks of school.  This computer-based assessment, along with teacher observations and DRA's, allows me to get a head start on "book levels" for Daily 5 book tubs.  The STAR data also helps me to plan my focus lessons on those early literacy skills that need remediation.  After 11 years of teaching first grade and having a class-size of 26 students, I know I can't be Wonder Woman all the time! (Although I do have those bangled silver bracelets on my wish list for Christmas!!)
  For the first 5-6 weeks of school, I am the POST-IT queen!  I jot down quick notes on how Johnny is "Checking for Understanding" the wrong way or how Susie is "making predictions" independently.  
I log all my post-its inside the front cover of my Pensieve for safe-keeping.
Ah, Yes.   My dear sweet Pensieve. 

 She guards my secrets and holds onto those post-its well into first quarter.  I will break her in officially once my first quarter DRA's are completed.  Now I love the data that a DRA can give me on a child's reading habits.  Extremely informative.  Extremely LONG!  Since it's just me, I average 1-3 students a day.  I do the DRA during Rounds of Daily 5.  Since we are at the start of the year, that is less than 20 minutes per round so I really have to hustle!   Currently, I am half way through them.  I know.  SLOW going.  But did I mention I am the LONE Ranger! (wink, wink!)  Fast forward another week into October and that Pensieve is ready to Rock and Roll!  The Daily 5 Rounds will be in full swing and hopefully I can squeeze 20-25 minutes per round--3 Rounds total. 
During Round 1:  
Teacher Target Goal: One-on-One's with four to five students.
Round 2: 
 Teacher Target Goal: 2 Strategy Groups (12 minutes each)
Round 3:
 Teacher Target Goal: 2 Strategy Groups (12 minutes each)

It's at this point where I christen the Pensieve and start my official documentation on the recording sheets.

Can I get a DRUM ROLL please!
The sneak peek inside my beloved.....
Inside Tabs :
Calendar, Strategy Groups, Critter Cafe Menu, Blooming Orange, DRA Levels, RTI Menu, RTI Protocol, CAFE CODES
The numbered tabs 1-26 are for my students data and documentation.  This saves me from having to retype and re-label tabs with students names each year.  Assigning a number works so much better!
I have monthly appointment schedule to record my one-on-one's and strategy groups each week.  This was a free download on one of the many links provided on the Sisters website.
Available from the Sisters website!  Strategy Groups and Instruction Planning Sheet-
This is a copy of my Critter CAFE menu which I aligned to the Sisters framework for the Litercy CAFE. 
 On my menu, I have the Critter name, I can strategy statement, and CCSS.  I use this to guide conferring lessons and  plan my strategy groups.   (This adjusted menu is for my classroom use only and respectively cannot be shared in light of their copyright.)
Found this online and LOVE it!  Quick and Easy reference to get a conversation and dialogue started during conferring !
This is like your American Express card: Never leave home without it!
The new Fountas and Pinnell Leveling System!  OOLALA!  Free download at their website.
Jen Jones makes me HAPPY!
She has given teachers an amazing FREE RTI reference Menu that you can download from TPT!
This is my District's graphic organizer of the RTI process at a glance, over one school year.  And yes, it's folded in half.  SORRY!
 If your like me, I use codes for everything!  That's why I am secret spy!  HAHA!  (Don't I wish!)
I found this TOTALLY Awesome Code Sheet from Trish Prentice at the Literacy Cafe website.  This was a free download but cannot link due to website restrictions.  Go grab this fabulous freebie!

Now for a look inside the Student Section!  
Here is what I keep records on for each student:

How awesome is this!  The next 3 photos are from a fantastic freebie I found  searching Google!
Not sure about the copyright so here is the link you can search:
The Daily 5 mini-launching pack for reading workshop
by Ms. Thelen, 2012
Thank you Ms. Thelen for your talent and time with these amazing assessment tools!

This is my Writing Data Sheet for the 6 Traits.  Copied it right from the book.  I left it at school so I will add the link on Monday!
This is my favorite!  Probably because I made it for the Critter Cafe!  It is my CAFE tracking sheet.
I will keep track of student growth for each reading strategy by highlighting using  the following code:
Blue = Emerging
Yellow = Progressing
Pink = Mastery
The students can help with the highlighting to feel that sense of ownership in their learning!
Well there she is....My Pensieve from cover to cover!  I hope I was able to help you get organized.  



  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & I am so happy to be your newest follower. You are SO organized!! I love your Pensieve!!

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Thank you so much Kelly for stopping by! YES I am very organized. My I know all the stacks and piles around my room very well!! My Pensieve is my favorite! Conferring with the kiddos is my favorite part of the day!
      Keep in touch!


  2. FANTASTIC post Julie!!!!! Thank you SO much for linking up!!!!!! ;)

    Jenn Oyler
    Seriously Primary

  3. Just wondering if you could provide a link to the free Fountas & Pinnell leveling chart?

  4. I love your Critter Cafe Tracking Sheet. Is there any way you'd be willing to share the file? Thank you!

  5. Great post! I am currently reading the CAFE book and looking for forms to add to my Pensieve notebook. I was able to get some good forms from your post. Thanks!
    Mrs. Wilson's Class

  6. I also love your tracking sheet. Do you have it posted for sale or would you mind sharing? I have been looking for something that fits my needs and this looks great! Thank you!

  7. @Amber. Me too please! Great work

  8. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind "unfolding" your district's RtI graphic organizer so we could see the whole thing? I need to help my sweet teachers better understand the process and it look amazing!! This is wonderful! Thanks!

  9. Is there any way for you to show the whole page of your districts RtI Process? We are getting ready to implement this and I am totally lost. Thanks!

  10. Is there any way for you to show the whole page of your districts RtI Process? We are getting ready to implement this and I am totally lost. Thanks!

  11. Would you mind sharing your Critter CAFE Menu and Tracking sheets? These would be a GREAT help for my class next year!

  12. I love your organization! Is there any way that you could send me a copy of your Critter CAFE menu and student rubrics? My e-mail is Thank you!


  13. I love this! Is there anyway of being sent the documents above? My email is, Thanks :)

  14. Your binder is fabulous! I love the Critter CAFE sheet! Is there anyway to get a copy?

  15. Love these could I get a copy

  16. Do you sell the cafe menu and the cafe tracking sheet? I would love to use these

  17. Thank you for sharing! Do you sell the CAFE tracking sheet? I tried to download the Bloom's orange, but the link was dead.

  18. Are you willing to share either a PDF or Word Document of the documents you shared? They all look great! Thank you!


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