Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday: Clouds, Leprechauns, and a Plume

 Yay!  It's our favorite Friday celebration!
Happy Five for Friday!
Our party host is the the fabulous Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching
Grab your Friday bubbly beverage and read on friends! 

Five for Friday #1
I am officially a song writer.
(insert hysterical laughter!)
These lyrics have become a huge hit this week!
Replace the familiar Christmas sing-along with....
"Oh, the weather outside is win-dy, 
but the clouds are so delightful!
and since we can't go out to play,
let's make clouds 
in the microwave!"
Falling into First shared a fantastic post on how to make clouds in the microwave!
I printed out Stephanie's post for the step by step directions.
Click here to read more.

IVORY soap on wax plates.
We are doing the experiment 3 times and recording data after each test.  If all 3 trials have the same results, we can conclude our experiment yields TRUE results and our hypothesis was correct!
 ONE MINUTE...... the excitement builds!
 CLOUDS galore!
 Time to write and record our observations.

If you have access to the Scholastic News online video this week on Tornadoes, be sure to watch it!  The kids were in awe!
Weather Power
I love to supplement with Reading A to Z!
Found some great leveled readers on weather and clouds! The kids use these during Read to Self and Read to Someone.  They highlighted new, interesting words and recorded them on our weather word wall.
Five for Friday #2
A new PLUME!
One of my sweetie pies gave this to me on Tuesday.
I love all my plumes but this is my favorite!
After a nail-biting week of DRA's,
it is a new favorite to write with!

Five for Friday #3
with our FRIENDSHIP Leprechauns!
My amazingly sweet and generous friend Lisa, 
over at Growing Firsties,
has this fabulous little freebie posted a few weeks back.  So I figure, Math + Leprechauns = a whole lotta fun!

 The students colored their leprechauns for morning work.
Then, during our Math block, partners played with fractions
and swapped HALF for HALF.

Five for Friday #4
A new critter traveled all the way from the isle of Ireland to bring us a new reading strategy to try!
Tiger Tales loves to read non-fiction and he uses the pictures, illustrations and diagrams to better understand NEW VOCABULARY words when he is reading.

Five for Friday #5 
Graphing AND Spinning AND Gold, 
I sent home this request letter last week to parents. 
To view, click on the image.

Today we had PLENTY of scrumptious manipulatives 
to INCREASE our Math Stamina!

I have used this graph for years! 
Click on the image to download.
Could it be a note from Leprechaun?
WOW!  A pot of Gold and shiny new pencils for the class too!
 And let me just say that I overheard the leprechaun chatting in line last night at Meijer...PHEW!  The Price of GOLD has went up my friends! 10 bucks for a pound!

As I wrap up my fabulous week on this 5 for Friday, let me give a shout out these fab finds! The lovely Erica Bohrer posted a freebie last week that my kids just loved! The MAGNIFY Leprechaun is a huge hit! Click on the image to visit her blog.
The EXTREMELY talented Sarah from First Grade Snippets has this MEGA-PACKED,
common core galore literacy unit out for March and it is,
in a word, FABULOUS!  Be sure to stop by her blog and read more about it here.
Thank you friends, for staying with me! YOU ROCK!
 Time to relax, 
kick back, 
and say 


  1. I love all your St. Patrick's activities - so cute.

    The First Grade Princess

  2. Love the Ivory soap experiment . . . a friend told me about that, but I have yet to try it. I bet the kiddos really enjoyed that! And I love the leprechaun fraction faces. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  3. I haven't seen the soap experiment before. That is perfect to use for teaching weather. I love the leprechaun fractions of how the students swapped the leprechauns to make and write about the leprechaun they created. Looks like there was a lot of fun in your classroom this week!

    Lovely Literacy & More

  4. We did the soap experiment earlier in the year and it was a BLAST! I love that one. Never thought of calling it "clouds". Good idea.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  5. Found your blog through the link up. Love the Leprechaun half/half activity!!

    Mr. First Grade

  6. What a neat and creative way to talk about 1/2! We enjoy your blog!
    Tamra and Sarah First Grade Buddies

  7. The soap experiment looks so fun! I will have to try that with my second graders! I am your newest follower :)

    The Open Door Classroom


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