Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29 Visual Plans and Instagram Mania!

Monday was a blur..... 
Now let's see if I can manage to pull the rest of this off.... 
Here's a little peek at my week!
 Click on the above image to download plans.

 Thank you again Mrs. Deedee Wills for another great

I had to brace myself for the WILD RUMPUS of INSTAGRAM mania happening in blogger land recently...  
Peer Pressure! 
 Can't resist.....

That's right folks!
With all the photos I take on my iPad each week,
what better way to organize than this fabulous app!
I am using my iPhone too, don't worry!
Pretty soon,
Pictures GALORE!!
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Now, let's see....
I have only had the account running, 
45 minutes, so no pictures just yet...
I promise to snap a ton tomorrow for the linky!

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I am hoping to learn alot from Natalie, Rachelle and Michelle
Here's to making our Instagram profiles FaBuLoUs! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Grade CCSS ELA Pacing Guide

WOWZA friends!  After a nail-biting day of professional development with my first grade teammates from across the district, I felt I needed some restructuring in the Common Core department.  Our grade-level has been struggling with "un-packing" the ELA standards in more efficient way.  Last year, we created a document that was more than 50 pages... Of just the ELA strands!  YIKES!  It is the most UN-user friendly document I have in my possession!  One of our beloved veterans on the team, Miriam, was looking for something more effective for us to use, so tonight, I think I am going to make her happy! I found an edible template, free from a Google Search, and I added all my materials and assessments in.
This is still a work in progress but 9 pages is much more DOable than 52.
I would love your feedback and suggestions.  I have a feeling I may be leaving something out...  This is a word document so I apologize I have no JPegs for better images.
Please feel free to click here or on the image below 
to download the document.
What types of Pacing Guides are you using?
I would love to hear about them!
Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Week Visual Plans for April 22

Ok friends.. I am not sure what happened to the weekend, but I seriously want it back.
Looking ahead at this week, I am perplexed at the fact that I have an all-day sub on Tuesday for more district PD, then Friday is our field trip to Bolander Country Lane Tree Farm in celebration of Arbor Day.  Oh, and two assemblies to squeeze in too!  I have no idea how I am going to fit all this in, but Lord willing, I am going to give it my all!
My Monday to Monday planning has now turned into Tuesday to Tuesday... When did that happen?
Well, here's a little peek at my week (wishing and hoping!!)

You can click here to download the lesson plans or here for the Earth Day resource pages.

Thanks Deedee for sharing your Peek at my Week with all of us!

Here's hoping your Monday is Marvelous and Magical!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Armando the Armadillo digging in Dictionaries!

Happy Friday Friends!  We made it!
It's date night for all us linky-lovers!!!
Big thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting all the fun!
 I've got my 5 ready to go so let's get started...
On Monday, we wrapped up our sweet little unit on Rainbows .  We listened to "ROY G BIV" on the Kiss Your Brain CD about ten thousand times... and we wrote some colorful poetry in our writing journals.

Long vowel U is a toughie!
Is anyone with me on this one?
Probably some of the hardest patterns to connect in first grade  writing.
We definitely need another week or two of practice!

I love highlighter tape!  I buy in bulk!
What does it work best on ?
The Scholastic Flip Chart poems.
Great surface to work with!
The kids LOVE using the tape to identify words with our focus patterns of the week!

 We used the sort cards from above to complete the 
EAT YOUR WORDS activity.
Holy smokes!  Talk about EXCITEMENT for a new hunk & chunk!  I've never seen my kids smile so big during word work!
My students glued on the Fruit Loops to each word.  Then, what was left in the cup was for the munching!

Let me just offer Nancy V. over at First Grade Wow a HUGE thank you for this amazing freebie!!  

We have been in Tooth Fairy heaven this week!
Learning all about Healthy Teeth....
 And doing Sarah Paul's toothy egg experiment to show what happens to our teeth when eat and drink too much sugar and pop!
 Cup 1: water   Cup 2: Pepsi
 After waiting 24 hours,
we removed the eggs today and boy were we grossed out!
No dark soda for me!
 Right as my little scientists were recording their observations, Nickey pops his head up and out comes his tooth!!  PERFECT timing!
We learned this week that el Raton' magico (magical mouse) is actually more popular across the world than our beloved Tooth Fairy!  
In other countries, it is common to throw your tooth on the roof!  Some bury it, and in Germany, they don't do anything at all...  Bummer.
But back here in America, Room 102 was super-excited to apply for the Tooth Fairy's personal assistant!

 If you would like to grab a copy of this freebie, 
click here and leave a little love.

Our Critter CAFE is expanding by one this week!
Please give a warm welcome to Armando, the Armadillo!
Armando ADORES new and interesting words and when he finds words that he doesn't understand, he looks them up in the dictionary.
The kids were so stoked about using their dictionaries today!
We are using the second half of our composition notebooks to record our dictionary findings.
Students must include the word at the top, followed by the definition, and a sketch or illustration of the word at the bottom.  
 To get our feet wet, we started with 4 story words from "Tumbleweed Stew."  (These are familiar words to students.)  As the weeks continue, students will choose 1 word daily (that is new and interesting to add in the Notebook during D5: Writing.

Well I can't wait to hop on over and peek in on your 5!
what's that?
Music to my ears.
The handsome Italian/shaker/margaritas!!
Gotta Go!
Happy Friday friends!
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