Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Visual Plans of all things Toothy!

Tell me it's not Wednesday already!!!  Goodness, Gracious, Me!  Well after having a full day of district PD over teacher evaluations, SMART goals, and setting the stage for writing pre- and post- Math testing assessments, my brain feels like a foggy mess.  On a positive note, it was so nice to talk to my other first grade colleagues from across the district!!  (Michelle, it was so nice to finally sit and chat my dear!!)  
Let me share my plans for the week before they suddenly become obsolete.  
Big themes this week~
New CAFE' Critter: Armando, the Armadillo (use a dictionary or thesaurus to define new words.)
Long U patterns
Toothy Treasures Literacy Unit (by Sarah Paul)
Animal Adaptations (teeth are used for...)
Writing: If I had animal teeth....

I combine ALL things teeth-related into this unit because I feel I can make the  most connections with other cross-curricular units too.  (And for some reason, I can never squeeze teeth into March planning! Works best for us in April instead as a lead in to our Healthy Kids Conversations presented by ProMedica and other science-related animal adaptations units.  Here's a PEEK at my WEEK!

Click here if you would like to download the plans!
I had such sweet feedback from some very special friends on last month's Easter Bunny's Assistant application, I decided to make a new template to fit my TOOTHY theme!!
I would love to share my Tooth Fairy's assistant Job Application with you!  Just click on the  image below for a TPT freebie!  

This special peek at my week series is brought to us by 
Mrs. Wills!  Thanks Deedee!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!  
34 days and counting!!


  1. Love the tooth fairy application! I put it on my wishlist so I will remember about it when we talk about teeth.

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    1. Sorry, I'm having trouble posting! See my comment below! Cute blog by the way!
      Ribbons, Recipes and Rhymes

  3. Oh, my! I would like to put in my application to be a tooth fairy's assistant! Will I get wings? This is so cute, I'm sending the teachers at my school over to get their own applications! Thanks so much!

  4. Great job Julie. Thanks for sharing your plans. I love peeking into your classroom ech week!

  5. I'm lovin' the tooth fairy application, too. It's so sweet!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  6. My dear sweet Julie! It was so nice to finally get to chat. By the way...I am LOVIN' the tooth fairy application!! Woohoo!

  7. Julie...check out my blog this morning! :)

  8. I love this linky and I love how organized you are! I want to be YOU! Hahaha!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  9. Love Stone Soup! I always do it around November and make it for my kids if there are no allergies...which has been every year except this year :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten


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