Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Incredible Insects: Day 1 and some freebies!

I officially have 4 school days left and I am rigorously trying to "fit in" our final science unit of the year!  (insert laughter and painful tears here!)  What was I thinking, right?
What in the world can I do to keep them focused and engaged while I scurry to and fro like a little mouse chasing some cheese...or in this case, tearing down a massive-mess of a classroom!
I know what they like, and my kids LOVE some science learning!  Give them some non-fiction and time to chat about it, and they will be happy for an hour!
Here is my "pull and go" insects table this week!

If your doing Insects, 
I must recommend two very awesome freebies by 2 fabulous teachers!
Be sure to stop by and give a happy shout out to Mrs. Leeby for her "We're Going on a Bug Hunt" freebie!
The kids LOVE the graphing activities in this unit!
And Reagan has some incredibly fun activities ready to go in her "Gone Buggy" unit free on TPT!  
Insect Unit Gone Buggy!
I decided, due to time constraints, I would split all the favorites into 3 days.
Day 1: Incredible Insects
Day 2: Lovely Ladybugs
Day 3: Buzzing Bumblebees

Today's post will share our Day 1 highlights!
Scholastic Science Vocabulary Readers Set: Animal Groups
A few years back, our district science committee was awarded a few hundred dollars to purchase science materials.  First on our list was Scholastic's Science Vocabulary Readers.  I was lucky to get all 4 sets.  
The Incredible Insects set has 6 readers-
24 kids-
1 book per 4 kids!
So small groups it is!
I wanted to finish the year doing a bang up job on asking good questions when reading and digging in the text to find key words and new learning.
I got creative last night and whipped these question stems up-

Each group had a team leader and that leader was in charge of reading the book and handling it.  The other 3 team members picked up a question stem and together as a team, all 4 members had to help find the answers in the text.

I let the kids write their answers right on the posters.
I have such a fabulous group of learners this year!
Toot, Tooting the horn!
Read to Someone time pours out into AWESOME small group time as well!  LOVING how Daily 5 behaviors are working strong, even 4 days before break!
Believe it or not, this activity lasted almost an hour.  The groups were fascinated by all the new learning!  And that made for one happy teacher!

If you are sUpeR-eXcIteD to try my Incredible Insects question stems, do your happy dance then click here!  
I would LoVe your feedback!
Special Thanks to Pink Cat Studio for the awesome insect clipart!  Bubble Frame by The Enlightened Elephant. Fun fonts by Kevin & Amanda and Kimberly G.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for Day 2: Lovely Ladybugs and more freebies!


  1. So much fun! Thanks for sharing this wonderful science unit. Good luck with your final days!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. LOVE this activity! It could be varied to fit any type of book or unit.

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. Thanks for sharing those great question stems! I also have those books and they're great. We will be team teaching next year and I have math/science, so I can definitely use these!
    Teachin' First


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