Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Must-Read Mentor Text: Buzzy the Bumblebee

I am so excited to be linking up with The Collaboration Cuties for this week's Must Read Mentor Text with a focus on Social Studies.  Teaching first grade, I overlay Social Studies concepts into our Reading and Writing core. 

By now, many of you are seeing this pretty face and saying, Oh, that's Julie's favorite author!
You are correct!
Mrs. Denise Brennan-Nelson.
Denise Brennan Nelson
What does my favorite author have in store for us this week?
Well, it's none other than, Buzzy the bumblebee!
Buzzy the bumblebee
Sitting in a beautiful garden, high atop a flower, the impressionable Buzzy reads in the book, Learn to Fly, the very true fact that, “bumblebees weren’t made to fly.” He reads again, “bumblebees weren’t made to fly.”
Stranded on top of a flower
Buzzy longed to fly away.
His heart still knew how
But his head had forgotten the way.
The adventure that ensues challenges Buzzy to overcome obstacles without his wings that he had never before thought possible. He travels over the stream and through the high grass, back home where his parents with love and support tell him,
You’re doubting yourself./ Fear is in the way.
Listen to your heart Buzzy/ Not what others say.
Ignore labels and limits Buzzy./ They seldom do good.
You start to think, ‘I Can’t,’/ when you should be thinking, ‘
I Could.’”

Its vibrant illustrations and clear, thoughtful message make Buzzy the bumblebee a motivating and heartwarming story for all ages.
He stopped doubting himself/ And didn’t need to know, “Why.”
He believed once again/ And was able to FLY.

 Book Review: 
“When young Buzzy the bumblebee discovers that bumblebees aren’t supposed to be able to fly, he suddenly loses his self-confidence and finds himself a long way from home with no way to return except on foot. But finding his way on the ground is quite a different matter than in the air. With one obstacle after another hindering Buzzy’s progress, this little bumblebee discovers courage he didn’t know he had and finally makes his way safely home. Best of all, that new-found confidence and a little encouragement from his parents help Buzzy to believe in himself again and take flight once more.”
Kendal Rautzhan, Syndicated Columnist


2000 Friends of America’s Writers Award

1999 Winner of the Best Juvenile Literature from Friends of American Writers award, based out of Chicago, IL.

Now of course this fabulous story has some pretty amazing reader's response activities to follow up with.  (Denise is COOL like THAT!)
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Happy Reading Friends!


  1. This story looks great for encouraging our kiddos to always try their best!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Julie,

    I love your blog! I am following everything possible b/c you are so awesome!

    I love this book idea and it would be great for my firsties who sometimes like to give up.

    Thanks for the idea!

    I also linked up with a book for firsties!

    Check it out if you get a chance!

    Fearless in First

  3. Awwww, what a great story!! I love it!! I think books like this are timeless and all ages would enjoy it! I'm so glad that you linked it up!

    Thank you!!!
    Collaboration Cuties


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