Friday, June 28, 2013

5 for Friday Indy Style!

Happy Friday My dear sweet friends!  
I am so excited to share my great teacher finds and a fab road trip to Indy with you for this week's 5 for Friday!
My handsome Italian had a vacation week to take so we started our Monday off right!  Teacher summer shopping!
(insert my hysterical laughter here!)
First stop: Hobby Lobby!  Looking for new curtains for the classroom.  Found these super cute zebra-prints but decided to keep looking.
 Found my cake topper for the wedding and it was on sale for 14 bucks!  So excited that Chris found it and likes it so much!
 Then I hit the clearance isles and boy did I about squeal and shout and send the store into a panic!  I found these totally awesome animal print foot stools!  Now as many of you know, my new theme for next year is all animal prints, in honor of the relaunch of my Critter Cafe, so I was super-stoked to get these!
What I just love about these stools is the storage space.  I am just dreaming up what to put inside!
 Here you see the original price-
 The fabulous part was that each stool was 80% off PLUS my teacher discount so I got the small stools for $10 and the large stools for 12 bucks each!  WOO HOO!!!!  Super steal!

Here is my NEW Mystery Critter Box and it was only 6 bucks with all the discounts!
All you need to get the teacher discount at Hobby Lobby is a school photo id.
Then we stopped at Minard's to pick up four of these 9-cube shelving units for only 34 dollars a piece!  What a great deal!
 I snuck us into school and Chris has these put together in no time flat!  He is so AMAZING and that is just one of the reasons I am marrying this guy!
  My classroom floor is in the process of getting waxed, so hopefully in the next two weeks I plan on going back to set up the room.  I plan on using these shelves to house my "monthly feature books" in the library nook I have in mind for next year!
So for now, they are hiding away in the workroom.
Tuesday we left for Indianapolis to visit Chris's brother.
 What does a girl do when there is a 3 hour car trip involved?  I cut out over 100 cards from Cara Carroll's Schedule Cards Freebie on TPT.  THANKS CARA!  I can't wait to laminate these babies and have them ready for the first day!

 After we got into town, we went to the Nickel Plate for Fish Tacos and Long Islands.  
One word-
 I just love this guy!
 Our gracious host on the left and the handsome Italian 
on the right!
 Right outside, across the train tracks was a summer concert series and we had fun listening to a Jimmy Buffet replica!

 Wednesday, we traveled downtown to the Children's Museum and it was FANTASTIC!  Nothing like pulling up and seeing Dinosaurs peeking inside the building!
 Getting inside, those silly dinos were just waiting to start some trouble!

 I wish I could take my first graders on a trip like this.  What an amazing day of learning and fun!  This next pic is a water clock.  That's right folks.  A clock that runs on water.

 The part of this tour that just knocked me over my feet and had me scurrying over the little ones was the Dale Chihuly exhibit.  Dale and I go way back.  I started stalking Dale back in my college days and would go to the museum for hours to stare at his work.  Since then, I have bought every book and video about him!  His light installations make me feel like I won the lottery!  Absolutely breath-taking!

Now, since I am Dale's biggest fan, I do several first grade art projects throughout the year that celebrate his glass art.  I plan on making a video slideshow of these pics and using it as a teaching powerpoint when I introduce him as our Artist of the month.  I think my first graders will LOVE it!

 The following teaching posters explain Dale's process:

 The most amazing part of the tour was going UNDER the glass tower!

 See that young man in the green shirt sitting down...  I made him move over so I could lay back and be star-struck!  The seat cushion rotated so you could get a full 360 view of the glass ceiling.  These poor children didn't know what to think of me and my Hoots and Hollers!

After that lovely tour, my heart needed some settling down, so we stopped at this awesome Thai restaurant for lunch!  YUMMY to the tummy!

 Then, as if Dale was smiling down on me, POOF!  A Rainbow!  
Followed by cheap gas...
$2.87 folks.
And getting back to Toledo to find this treasure waiting for me!!!

My new Erin Condren Lesson Planner!
LOVE is in the air!
I have had such a great week!
I hope you are too!
Here's to an amazing weekend!
Love and Hugs,


  1. What great deals you got - love the foot stools - they look perfect for your room. And I'm glad to know that Hobby Lobby gives a discount - I had no idea. I'll have to ask next time I'm in there!!

  2. Fun times when we get to "play" at school!

    Love the foot stools and I DID NOT know that Hobby Lobby offered a teacher discount!

  3. Wow...what an amazing week! I am in love with your stools and you, my dear, look absolutely precious - love that yellow chevron!! I didn't know Hobby Lobby offered a teacher discount.. and I JUST left there... Thanks for sharing & glad to hear you & the Handsome Italian had such a great time :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. I love your Hobby Lobby finds. I've yet to go in there, I hear it's dangerous because of all the wonderful things.


  5. I hardly know where to start, so I'll just say, "Wow! What a week." I'm glad it brought you so many fun moments!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. I love your pictures of Chihuly's art! The conservatory in Columbus had a bunch of his glass one summer. It was great! Thanks for sharing.

    Curious Firsties

  7. Just found your blog thanks to the Ohio link. I am new to blogging but I'm looking forward to spreading as much sunshine as you do via your blog! Love it!

  8. Wow! You've been busy! Love that yellow chevron dress on you.

  9. Oh my goodness friend, you had an amazing week! I loved your photo tour and seeing the pics of you and your special guy. I didn't know Hobby Lobby offered a discount. Thanks for the tip. Your Critter Cafe is going to be so stinkin' awesome with all of your new bargain finds!LOVE the stools! I am green with envy over the new planner too. That is definitely on my wish list.

    Creative Lesson Cafe


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