Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 3....YIPPEE! More Giveaways so Join Me!

Congratulations to Elisabeth Howell Haywood!  
She is my super-lucky winner of Day 2 Prizes!
Time for more celebrating!!!

Liz Deal is one sweet blogger!
Her latest post had me scrambling for my notebook so I could jot down all the great ideas!
I love reading her blog and hope that you stop by and share the love with her today!
She is offering one fab teacher this incredible Landforms Unit!
Thanks so much Liz for celebrating with me today!

Now this giveaway wouldn't be complete without the amazing, 
mouth dropping, 
I can't believe my ears, 
QUIETEST PENCIL SHARPENER on the market today?
That's right folks.
My man Troy has GRACIOUSLY offered one lucky winner a brand new, pick-your-own-color pencil sharpener to start the new school year off right.  
(And yes friends, I speak of Troy like he is my best bud!!!)  He is totally awesome and his brilliant product is saving me a ton of money!  For what I was spending on electric sharpeners and Tylenol for the noise, 
I could have bought one of Troy's sharpeners for every child in my classroom by now!
Troy, Thank You so much for celebrating with me today!

Be sure to click the "Like" button on 
Troy's Facebook Page too!

I will see you back here tomorrow for MORE sweet giveaways!


  1. My favourite math resources are any type of manipulatives. If kids can do it by/for themselves, with some help from something (not someone)then they learn it.

  2. I like the NCTM Illuminations website. Great for the Smartboard!!

    Hokie Teach

  3. I've been wanting (needing?) one of these pencil sharpeners! :) Liz's landforms unit looks great!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  4. I love manipulatives for Math.

  5. I like the Math Workstations book - it has tons of ideas for using math workstations in your room!
    Teachin' First

  6. I have been reading Debbie Dillers Math Stations...I am excited to implement this resource!

  7. Love Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations and Daily 5 Math!
    P.S. I so need one of those pencil sharpeners...on my fourth set this coming year!

  8. My favorite math resource would have to be task cards. You can use them for remediation, review, or as enrichment.

  9. My kids love the Bump games...they beg to play them!

  10. My kids LOVE It's Calendar TIme by Growing Kinders!!!


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