Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday: Task Cards, Focus Wall, and Freebies!

Happy Friday Friends!  I am so happy to joining today's Five for Friday.  I have the day off from working in my room. Custodians are frantically waxing the hallways outside my classroom and since the laminator is still not working, why not stay home and blog instead!
Here are a few things I have been working on for school~
Now I was stalking this item from day 1 of it's release and I then I just HAD to have it!  Reagan has done an incredible job giving detailed directions on how to set up the binder.  The only thing I have done differently so far is buying color binders instead.  I am not a white kind of gal.  Can't do white.  White gets dirty way too quickly (when I am involved) so I went with color instead!  I plan on using the binders with the kiddos as part of our daily morning warm up work.  I put the cover inserts in today and added the clear page inserts.  Now time to copy the content!  (I may get a parent to do the rest for me!!)  Fingers crossed!


I just published this set of Morning Routine Task Cards.
I can't wait to introduce the steps the first week of school!
This will really help with keeping the kiddos on track and on task.

I got so excited about the morning task cards, I thought, why not create the same type of routine task cards for the end of the day!
 So I published this set of Excellent Ending Task Cards too!
Click here to check them out!

Last year, I played around with several different ways to display common core learning in my classroom.  
What I found was the area I was using was not manageable at all.
Changing things out weekly was a big chore and took too much time.  So this year, thanks to you fabulous teachers out there using focus walls, I have started a really nice bulletin board that will spotlight all the "learning objectives" for the week.  
I created some fab glittery animal print Focus Wall Headers
that I have cut out and ready to go.  You can check them out here.

Freebie Time!
My theme this year is animal print fabulousness
So I also made some new posters for my classroom that I am happy to share with you!

and some DIRECTION labels!

Special Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this five for Friday celebration!



  1. I love your animal theme. So cute!!

  2. Love that the first step of the morning routine is greet your teacher with a smile!! I think I'll do something similar!!!!

    Mr. First Grade


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