Friday, September 27, 2013

It's an APPLICIOUS Five for Friday!

It's Five for Friday!
Look at these new number buttons that Jen Jones made for Kacey and the Five for Friday linky--- ADORBS!!!

I am definitely ready to get my weekend started.
I have wedding invitations to find and bridesmaid dresses to hunt for!  But, I could not let a second go by without sharing all of the Applicious fun we had this week in Room 102!
When the kiddos saw that Science and Investigations were on the schedule for the week, the smiles and excitement were hard to contain!
Quincy brought some awesome apple books to help us learn how to ask good questions before, during, and after we read!

The very sweet Jessica Williams shared her fab apple unit for free on TPT.  Isn't she generous!  Thanks Jessica!  The KWL and Labeling activities  were extremely engaging!  We had a blast!
We had plenty of apples to taste test!
Red was the class favorite, followed Green in second place.
It was so fun to use some "Apple Talk" and learn new words like flesh, core, and seeds.

Our phonics lessons were totally fun.
How cool that are (ap) word family happen to show up right when we were learning about apples!
Sink or Float?
It's a floater!
 My super-lovely friend Sarah, from First Grade Snippets, has this rockin' apple experiment that was a huge hit!
The kids were shocked that the lemon juice kept the apples from browning.  They thought for sure that the milk would keep the flesh white because milk is white!  (Scientific reasoning at it's best!)

Scholastic Weekly Readers----Topic?
"Mmmm, Mmmmm, Apples!"
This was a perfect selection to add to a round of Daily 5: Read to Someone!  The kids practicing reading the magazine together a few times then worked on an sequencing activity called "From Seed to Apple" from Sarah's Read and Sequence pack!
Then we added our new learning to our focus wall!

Apple Smiles... Oh yes, we did!
I was so lucky to find  this writing and snack idea included in Jessica's Apples unit!  
It was a hot, messy-mess and a ton of fun!

Then we added our fourth choice to our Work on Writing menu called, "How-To" writing.  We used the freebie template to write the steps on how to make Apple Smiles!

The kids were saying things like, "Ms. Marciniak, this is the best week ever!" So I lit up like a Christmas Tree and felt super-fabulous that this first grade class is so special!

If you haven't already, 
join Doodle Bugs Teaching for our Five for Friday Celebration!
Have a great weekend friends!

Friday, September 13, 2013

My 5 for Friday Fabulous Finds!

Fab Find  #1 
Kevin Henkes
Kevin is our September Author of the month.
(Did I mention he is my favorite?!)
Our focus stories this week were:
We are using our CAFE critter, Meerkat the Connector, to use our schema and make connections when reading.
Chrysanthemum was a perfect fit for making personal, text-to-self connections!
After reading the story, I asked students if they would like to share a time when their feelings were hurt from mean words.
As each student shared a sad experience, 
I scrunched up a part of the heart.
By the time all 24 students shared a hurtful experience, our heart was crushed... 
Crumbled to pieces.  
All broken.
And even when we tried to apologize and "make up" for that hurt, the wrinkles were still visible.
This is the point where we added the poem,
"Before you speak,
think and be smart.
It's hard to fix 
a wrinkled heart."
We pledged to take care of our wrinkled heart and not use mean words or hurtful gestures in first grade. 
Students signed a band-aid and placed it gently on the heart.
We even had a student kiss her band-aid as she placed it, 
ever-so-gently on the heart! 
PS: My class is so stinkin SWEET this year!

Art Extension Activity----Teacher model

Nancy V. Over at First Grade WOW is absolutely amazing! All of the above mentioned art materials came from her author study units on Kevin Henkes. I have learned so much from her and I can't begin to thank her enough for sharing so many engaging first grade lessons with me.  My teaching style is very compatible with Nancy. I just gobble up each and every blog post she writes!  Nancy, you ROCK my friend and your generosity is heartfelt!  Thank you!

Fab Find #2
Since I began teaching on 2003, I have always used Pat Cunningham's Systematic Sequential Phonics program, AKA- Making Words, to introduce new phonics patterns.  I always did this lesson whole group style, on the floor, with the big letter tiles on the pocket chart.  Well this year, I have found a making words treasure that the kids are LOVING even more!  Here you see my teacher demo on the projector, making new (ock) words.
Since this is only our 16th day of school, I am guiding the lesson while the kiddos are using their own letter tiles at their desks to make the same words.  
It takes less than 2 minutes for them to cut out letters, which also serves as a little Brain Break.
I have fun with the class using whole body gestures to segment, blend, and write the words.  I show them how to use their "eagle eyes" to spot special patterns.  We also do some karate chopping to separate blends and word families.
My ultimate goal is to have our weekly Celebrity of the Week teaching these word building lessons by October.  I am excited to release some responsibility to the kids and will then be able to assess quickly, during that time, who is on target and who needs remediation.  If you haven't already checked this unit out, stop by Lisa's TPT store for more details!

Fab Find #3
Mobile Calendar on Wheels!
Part of my back-to-school supply order was this shiny silver cart rack that is lightweight and big enough to hold three pocket charts...on each side!  Holy Moly!  I don't have to take up extra space on the wall this year... YAY!  I simply wheel it out for afternoon calendar time and our Days of School activity!
Then, when we're all done, we roll it back to the cubby wall.
Our favorite calendar activity is our Number of the Day!

Fab Find #4
The super-sweet Cara Carrol over at First Grade Parade recently shared her Vowel Song anchor chart.  Oh. My. Word. I adore this song and the kids want to sing it all day long!

Fab Find #5
My Precious Pink Sharpener!
Room 102's newest edition.  
Have I told you lately how much I adore Classroom Friendly Supplies!  When Troy emailed me about his new PINK sharpener, it was a MUST-HAVE for me!
Now my girls are sharpening with Precious Pink
and the boys get full dibs on Mighty Blue!
October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Troy is donating some proceeds of all Precious Pink sharpeners to some wonderful cancer charities!
Today is your lucky day! I am raffling off one Precious Pink Sharpener to one fab follower!  Enter to win using the rafflecopter below.

Special Thanks to Hoots and Hollers for hosting 
No Friday would be complete without also thanking Doodle Bugs Teaching for our 5 for Friday tradition!
Have a fabulous weekend friends!
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