Saturday, September 21, 2013

5 for Friday....the winner of Precious Pink is.....

TGIF friends!
Cough, cough,
Oh where, oh where 
Did I put my Claritin D?

But enough about my cold,
here's my 5 for Friday on Saturday!

The Daily Cafe website had a great idea posted this week.
In the past, many of us may have had a "time-out" space in our room.  Lori Sabo suggests putting a positive spin on the old catch-phrase and try using something more inspirational.  She calls it her "Reset Desk". 
I put my own VIBE to that and presto!
Here it is.
Collaboration Cuties recently posted about how awesome this bathroom technique is working in their classrooms.  Of course, I had to try it out too!  Our laminator is broken at the moment, so I wrapped clear, packing tape around the labels and it was a cinch.
I am a total germ-phobe so when these are empty, we throw them away and simply make 2 more!  Easy-Peasy!
The labels are from Fun in Room 4B and to read more on how to implement this idea, click here to visit my Collaboration Cuties!
My fabulous Firstie Friend Becca Foxwell over at First Grade Foxwell Forest just created these new Word Work Play Doh mats.
Thank you Becca so much for sharing this engaging unit with me!
My first graders LOVE it!

New Accuracy and Comprehension Critters at the CAFE this week:
The kids are SO EXCITED every week when they see our new Mystery Suitcase waiting at the Learning Wall.  Meercat the Connector is helping us make strong connections when we read and Cross-Checking Cheetah keeps asking us,
"Does it Look Right?
Does it Sound Right?
Does it Make Sense?"

And speaking of our Focus Wall,
would you believe all this amazing learning happening this week!
Guess who was our Historical Figure???
Nancy V. over at First Grade WOW has this amazing Johnny Appleseed unit that the kids just adored!
I thought this activity was the perfect way to allow students the opportunity to self-assess their work and give themselves a grade!
Using our Artist's Rubric,
each student went up and selected a point-value for their work.
0 being the lowest and 6 being the highest.
Although I can't find the original source of this rubric,
it was definitely a free source online.
Inside the apple, top right, the students added their score.

I love that this student gave a 5/6 score!
Definitely some critical thinking happening!
This is just one simple way to engage students in self-assessment at the beginning of the school year.  I love how successful it makes us feel AND the kids are seeking a target goal that is definitely in their grasp!  I like that!
On a final note, 
Congratulations to Ruthanne Arace #162!
You are my winner for a brand new,
Precious Pink Sharpener!
Check your email :)
Special Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting our Five for Friday Tradition!
Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Feel better soon my friend!! Your focus wall is amazing!!!!!!! When I move into my new to me classroom (sometime in October/November) I want to create an amazing focus wall. Happy Saturday.

  2. I also love your focus wall. I think it would be very helpful and keep me on track. Hoping to go back into a larger room next year that has walls. Haha. Being in the library and teaching sure makes things interesting. Thanks for the info on the artist rubric, I think that would be very helpful for my kiddos. Feel better soon and have a great weekend. Oh yeah, how are the math stations going?

  3. Yay! I am so excited to win. I sent you an email with my info. Also I love your idea of "Stop, Think and Reset". I can't wait to try it out.

  4. You had so many great ideas... I am not sure which to mention. I love the hand gel bathroom passes... I am a major germ-phobe so this idea struck a chord with me! Love, love, love the art rubric for-self assessment. And of course, the play-dough mats are great! I created a cute Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and Writing prompts last week. If you think you can use it- just shoot me an email and I'd love to send you a copy.

    Granny Goes to School

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