Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm Lovin the Daily 5 on the Fifth: September Edition!

I am delighted to be joining Becky over at First Grade in Foxwell Forest for her monthly linky celebrating our mutual L.O.V.E. for The Daily 5. 

Today was our 11th day of school and I am excited to begin my fourth year of Daily 5 in my classroom.  This year is going to be special.  I can tell already.  So let's see what we have accomplished so far.....

Choosing A Spot in the Room
3 Days, 3 Books, and Hula Hoops.
Building stamina was a cinch with this technique!
During our Read to Self rounds, I glided quietly throughout the room, using my Hula Hoop to CHECK personal space!  We loved it and it made a strong impression!

Read to Self
The I-Chart with a Hula Hoop around it to remind students that during this part of Daily 5 we are choosing great spots in the room to read!
(I love that Becky and I both are using these AWESOME anchor charts, FREE from Creekside Teacher Tales!)


click here for source

What does Read to Self LOOK like?
How does it SOUND?
I took these pictures during a round of Read to Self, then afterwards, during our check-in, I shared the photos and we discussed what Voice Level we observed and gave "thumbs up or thumbs down" on personal space around the room.

How to Treat Books?

Work on Writing
We just started Work on Writing today!  HOORAY!
This is how far we got on the I-Chart.

2 AMAZING rounds of independent practice!

We used our daily "Think Out of the Box" illustrations to PROMPT our first Work on Writing activity.  Today's shape was a triangle.
(The coloring is done as morning work.  We added the writing later during Work on Writing time.)

"Think Outside of the Box" was created by Nancy V. over at
First Grade Wow.  
My Photo
Nancy is so fabulous and so kind.  Her blog is truly precious and a favorite of mine.  I took Nancy's suggestion and use her daily prompts as morning work to foster creativity during morning warm up time.  I love great morning work that is fun and engaging, but I realized that too much, too soon would be a bit overwhelming for new first graders, so finding this treasure from Nancy was a godsend!  
During the creating and coloring process, we use our Coloring Grade Card to self-assess our work.  The goal?
Get your coloring and illustrating as close to a 6 as possible!
I love this rubric because it completely eliminates the famous 
 "Am I done yet?" 
 I simply point to the grade card and students are now fully accountable for their work.  YAY!
After our Morning Warm Up and Routines are complete, I ring the chimes and have the students get into one of two Share Circles.

Each student will stand and say,
"Good Morning, my name is.......... and today I was thinking outside of the box because....."
I am LOVING this 5 minute daily skill-builder because it offers an abundance of social skill-building along with cooperative learning and following multi-step directions early in the year.
The day after introducing Check for Understanding, 
I had a student share this during our morning Share Circles-

He said, "Ms. Marciniak, you are here in the pink skirt and this is me and here you are teaching to me check for understanding when my reading gets confusing!"

Word Work:
We have been "testing" out all the many usages for Play Doh, building our stamina, getting ready to use it for Word Work very soon!  

The Critter CAFE:
Our new and improved MYSTERY BOX!
This fab-find was 7 bucks at Hobby Lobby!
It's huge and can fit all of our special mystery critter tools and supplies.
This week's CAFE critter:
Lizard, the WORD WIZARD!
"I can recognize words at first sight!"
We anchored our new learning to the new, and improved weekly FOCUS WALL.
I was overly-excited about this new, special place in our room so I did a quick video too!  Take a peek!
If you are interested in this Focus Wall set, click here for my TPT store.
Well that's it for Day 11 of Daily 5 in Room 102.
A special THANKS to every teacher who shared their Daily 5 freebies with me.  I am thrilled to be using them in my classroom this year!  

Until next time,

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  1. I love the hula hoop idea. I have been doing Daily 5 for about 5 years and sitting too close is always a problem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just pinned so many things on this post! Julie, this is another amazing post. IT is so full of great information and ideas. I love your Critter mystery box with sight words. The hoola-hoop idea is fabulous. And your focus wall looks so good! Great job my friend:)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  3. Need to buy some hula hoops...great idea! Love Daily 5.


  4. LOVE the hula hoop idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Two Friends In First

  5. Love the charts and the hula hoop idea!

  6. Just curious but I like the idea of your coloring grade card, as some of my students are being very minimal in their drawings (drawing a line for a tree and a stick person beside it). I was wondering if this was something you created or if you got this somewhere. I loved this idea as I think it would make them think more about their quality of work. Thanks

  7. Great idea to use the hula hoop! And I just love seeing all your kiddos reading to self :)


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