Friday, October 25, 2013

My Fab Finds on this Five for Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!
I am so excited to get a chance to catch up in the blogging world!
It's been a few weeks, but here I am, just in the nick of time for Five for Friday..... YAY!
A Peek at our Week!

The fancy CCSS name: consonant digraphs
The fun first grade name: HUNK & CHUNKS!!

Now you know the kids were OVER the TOP excited to see a SOCK MONKEY in the Mystery Suitcase this week!
Chunky the Sock Monkey is helping us CHOP through a word and find chunks that we know!
OF COURSE, this was the PERFECT time to introduce 
I was glad I waited this year....
Makes a bit more sense to do it when it ties so perfectly together with the Critter Cafe AND our district's new CCSS pacing guide!
We were doing a few chants before, but the large print posters went up permanently this week!
I told the kiddos that Chunky the Sock Monkey did it over night!  That silly monkey!

Two birds with one FABULOUS stone!
One fundraiser our building participates in is called ART to Remember.
Teachers pick a project to do with students that can be illustrated on provided-paper.  
We send it home in a special envelope and parents have the opportunity to buy merchandise with the artwork printed on it.  It's perfect for the holidays!
Time to shop for art ideas....
That was a no-brainer.
Of course, my favorite place for amazing art is Kathy's blog, Art Projects for Kids.  A few months back, she shared a Back to School Stick Kid Portrait that was really cool....
Of course, I had tie together great literature and I couldn't think of a more INSPIRING story than "Willow" by my beloved friend Denise Brennan-Nelson!  (If you haven't bought this book yet, YOU MUST!  It gives me goose-bumps every time I read it!) 
After a great conversation about the story, 
we began the art project.  
First, we sketched in pencil,
then traced in sharpie,
followed by Crayola Crayons to add the SCRATCH technique.

The kids absolutely LOVED it and are so excited to take the project home and "persuade" mom and dad to custom order some awesome merchandise!
We managed to squeeze in a little time for ANTS too! Now the kids gave me an "It's Cool" after my big ant turned out a bit disporportioned... But thank goodness first grade is all about the LOVE! 
The KWL, turned into a hodge-podge of ant goodness!
During Work on Writing the Kiddos wrote their favorite ant facts!

We also read, "Hey Little Ant" which has an ending that leaves the reader making a choice....
Perfect for a Reader's Response activity during Work on Writing time!
Hey, Little Ant

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
I am so lucky to have you as my friend.
 Fall Ready-to-Go Literacy Pack
And what's to love, you ask??
EVERY single page!
Common Core aligned and packed with goodness!
I highly recommend it to every primary teacher.  
Special Delivery!  
All the way from AUSTIN TEXAS!
My fabulously awesome firstie friend Jennifer Tice (author of Rowdy in First Grade) sent me some amazing free samples from Arbonne. Now for those of you who don't know Arbonne....
Well, I am just getting started with these samples and over the weekend I plan to cake my face with this beauty regimen and I will let you know in four weeks how I turn out!  :)
LOVE this card Jennifer!
That's you and me,
doing the "lather of love" for beauty!
If you are interested in Arbonne products, click here to stop by Jennifer's blog and send her an email!

Special SHOUT OUT to Kacey for hosting this week's Five for Friday! Be sure to link up!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frankenstein and Pumpkins on this Five for Friday!

My Five for Friday started with this....
And then I added this....
Which led to this....

Now this project was inspired by my art guru over at Art Projects for Kids.  Kathy has a way to get this teacher SO EXCITED to do art with her firsties!  Thanks Kathy!

This is only our second  project of the year but the kids were like, "Ms. Marciniak, this is the BEST art project ever!"
Totally made THIS teacher grin from ear to ear!
So Frankenstein was the HIGHLIGHT of our week!
But there's more!
The FABULOUS 4 made a grand entrance this week!
Paula the Predictor.....
 A dash of Arnold Schwarzenegger  mixed with a fortune teller's pizzazz is how we get our voices sounding when we make predictions! We hold the crystal ball and start our predictions with "I Predict...."
Next, is Quincy the Questioner.
Quincy the Questioner is like a game show host that talks loud, fast, and really snazzy!  He holds the microphone really close when he has a question to ask his audience.  His questions begin with
Who, What, When, Where, Why, Which, and I WONDER....
Then, we have the lovely Clara the Clarifier.
Clara wears her Clarifying glasses when she needs to look closely at what she is reading when it doesn't make sense.
Sammy the Summarizer is our favorite!
Sammy sounds like a cowboy when he says, "I can summarize the story and round up the main ideas!"
Our action for Sammy is twirling a lasso over our heads!
We used the FAB 4 for all our stories this week including our non-fiction pieces on Pumpkins!
Scientific Inquiry at its best!

Thanks Sarah!  Your pumpkin measurement was a huge hit this week!

After reading Pumpkin Soup, we made some great connections with VERBS in the story!

Who would have thought taste-testing and learning about adjectives could be so fun!
And it just so happened that our word family this week was....(in)

I love this SHAPE book by Evan Moor.
It is a perfect resource for Making Books during Work on Writing time and that is exactly what we did with our Pumpkin theme this week!

After writing pumpkin stories and pumpkin facts, the kids finished their books and had some "share circle" time together!
My wonderfully amazing first grade friend Kelly, over at First Grade Fairytales shared this awesome Fall unit with me! 
Click on the image to check it out! 
The very gracious and motivating Farrah, another fab firstie friend shared this new unit with me too!
I can't wait to get these copied and laminated! 
The kids will love it!
Off to See the Wizard--ELA and Math Stations
I heard there is a sale Monday!
Get those wishlists in order and head over to TPT for some FALLtastic sales!
Special Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this week's

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