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I am LOVIN Daily 5: October Edition!

Happy Monday!
It may be windy, and chilly, and a bit blah.... outside, 
but I am not going to let this sluggish fall weather get the best of me today.  No way Jose'!  My sweet friend Becca is reaching out to all teachers using the Daily 5 and inviting you to link up and share how you are incorporating parts of Daily 5 in your classrooms.  This is a monthly linky and she is calling it, 
I'm LOVIN Daily 5 on the 5th!
If you are like me, 
and  fashionably late to the linky,
don't worry!
You can still join us and share what is working (or not) for you and your kiddos!
Becca and I must be feelin' the good vibes because we are both utilizing some great materials for Word Work this month and she has a precious unit that is a must-have so stick with me, and we'll get right down to it!

Now this year, I feel like the VIDEO QUEEN!  I use my iPad to take all my pictures AND classroom videos.  I love it that the kids are so engrossed in their learning that they don't even notice the iPad scanning across the room anymore!
This first video was taken about 20 days into Read to Self.
After Morning Warm Up activities are completed, students go right into a round of Read to Self.
I took this video to share with the kids afterwards on HOW WELL we are transitioning and what we can improve on.
I ring a bell 3 times to stop....
Then, some chimes ring and that means get to the POND pronto!
How is Read to Someone going?
Well, I think pretty great!
Since we use leveled texts and "look books" for Read to Self and Guided Reading, I have basal texts that I did not want to completely disregard... I think Read to Someone is the perfect opportunity to utilize the basal books because the stories are short and the text can be repetitive and predictable which is great for this time of year.
This video was taken a few weeks back and this duo is demonstrating TEAM reading (choral reading) together.
Then, the duo practiced "I Read, You Read" using the same text.  That video is not cooperating so check back soon for that! 

Here are some of my favorite Read to Someone thinking stems that I hang up on the FOCUS WALL during the launch!
Another text to utilize for Read to Someone is non-fiction selection like our Scholastic Weekly Readers! 
Partners work on 3 Ways to Read it, then do a follow up comprehension exercise with it.  (A favorite in Room 102 is called Read and Sequence by Sarah Paul.)
Last week, we introduced the fourth component of Daily 5:
Word Work!
Instead of making a separate poster this year for listing materials, 
I am just adding it to the I-chart!
Word Work: Mondays
"Madhatter Monday"  
I introduce new words and we sort them (verbs, nouns, adjectives, monsters)
Students use Whiteboards to practice writing Spelling Words,
and other Write the Room activities.

Word Work: Tuesdays
"Tinker Tuesday"
Make it, break it, blend it, isolate it, chunk it.

This is our Word Work tower!
Directly in the middle are recycled wipe containers with BEANS.  

That middle shelf also has our popular RAINBOW Write, a sweet freebie by the even sweetier Cupcake for the Teacher!
Of course Play Doh is a HUGE hit in Room 102.

Mrs. Wheeler has some great Fry Word Mats that we are using!
Several years ago, the cafeteria was going to throw away these trays until I beamed with glorious rays of sunshine and said "Please, Please, may I have them!!"
 These babies are FANTASTIC for all  things first grade!
Now I told you that our sweet hostess Becca has an awesome First Grade unit that is PERFECT for Word Work.
Show Me the Dough!  Click on the image to check it out!
We also have the popular Wikki Stix,
Concentration (beginning sounds, and Picture Rhymes),
POPCORN games,
And with that, I think that is plenty of Word Working for now!
Towards December, we will change out materials as needed.
Is this the ONLY word work happening throughout the day?
Of course not.
The above-mentioned materials are being used during our I.C.E. time (which translates into Intervention, Computers and Enrichment).  I have roughly 55 minutes when Title 1 groups leave and no "new teaching" can take place.  So that means, Daily 5 rounds and Guided Reading Groups!

On to Work on Writing:
 I am using Lori Rosenberg's "I Can Write a..." Writing Topics Menu this year and boy do I PUFFY HEART this unit!
So far,
we are writing stories,
making books, 
After we have introduced a NEW writing format, I hang the number under the header and the kids know that 
it is now OPEN for work on writing.
The corresponding stacker system has plenty of paper for my eager little writers!
I am using this other fab Topics set from Lori as a Winter Blues motivator.  Usually in January, we get a bit sluggish, so this will be fun to add!  When a student has checked off all "close to my heart" topics, they can move on to this-
Room 102's Random TOPIC generator!
Pick ANY card and that is your topic for the day!
Speaking of writing LISTS,
Last week, the kids were so excited to write some "Batty-Good" lists!
We used our TOPIC of Bats to write narrative stories AND 
Fun Fact Books!
What is this teacher up to during Daily 5 rounds?
Today I just finished my 24th DRA.
I don't know about you, but DRA is by far, my favorite reading assessment to do with the kids!  I actually LOVE doing them and getting some quality time with each of the kids.
I would be so pleased to permanently "recycle" all the other flimsy assessments and have DRA as my FRONT-RUNNER!  I mean really....  It is the Bread and Butter of it all.... The Mercedes Benz of meaningful reading assessments....
getting OFF the soap box...
 For now!
Tomorrow we start guided reading groups!
My two Daily 5 rounds (during ICE time) are 25 minutes long each, so I am taking it slow and starting with 2 groups a day.  Once things get rolling, we will bump that up to 3 groups per day.
How about CAFE?
Those of you that follow me know that I am a HUGE CAFE fan and every week, we have special critters helping us learn our reading strategies!
Quincy the Questioner is helping us ask good questions when we read. 

The big REVEAL this Wednesday will introduce the 3 other critters from the FAB 4.  (Paula the Predictor, Clara the Clarifier, and Sammy the Summarizer!)   I use my beanie baby critters as Reciprocal Teaching Tools to help deliver these important reading strategies in first grade.
Beanie Baby Reading Strategy Posters for the Common Core C
Lori O. author of The Fabulous Four uses some really fun puppets too!  
I had the pleasure of meeting Lori over several PD occasions last spring and I think we would both agree that 
utilizing teaching tools that are fun, engaging and receptive to all young learners can only enhance the quality of learning and perception of common core objectives in a way that is enticing to even the youngest of learners.

I am constantly ADDING more Daily 5 pins to several of my 
 Pinterest Boards.  Check out my Daily 5 board,
Critter Cafe board,  & The CAFE board for some fun inspiration!

Well that's all for now folks!
Until next month!

*The Daily 5 and CAFE are trademark and copy written content of Educational Design, LLC. The 2 Sisters. Educational Design, LLC. The 2 Sisters does not authorize or endorse the materials or content mentioned on this blog or in this linky party.


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  2. Sorry for the delete - spelling error due to predictive text! You have an amazing blog, thanks for finding me and I am your newest follower.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. Holy cow!!! This post is choc-full of awesomeness! LOVE the bean word building idea. Such great practice for fine motor and spelling work to boot!
    Love it Julie!

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  5. I am your newest follower! I just started blogging today! If you get a chance I would love for you to stop by my blog. I have also started daily 5 this year I loved looking at all of your word work! I have beans just sitting in my room. Starting Monday they are going to be added to my word work!!!


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