Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hand Motions and Gestures to Enhance Strategy Learning

Happy Thanksgiving Friends and Blogging Family!  

Special thanks to Ann and my other teaching friends who sent emails and inquired about the hand motions and gestures we use in Room 102 when connecting our beanie critters to strategy learning. 
I do not have an "official typed list" ready yet, but hopefully I can help in a more personal way!
 The following teaching video shows The FAB 4 and other popular strategy motions that we are using at this time of the school year.  Perhaps in February, I will add a second video to share more!
You should know that I was so impressed when recording this video!  My kids were doing a round of Daily 5 and didn't even notice their teacher making a silly gestures to the iPad!

For more on the Critter Cafe, click here or on the image below.
Beanie Baby Reading Strategy Posters for the Common Core C

Have a filling and blessed Thanksgiving!

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