Saturday, December 21, 2013

Five for Friday: BEST Christmas Week EVER in Room 102!

What an amazing week!  I may need to say that, a few times in this post, but I can't tell you enough how truly blessed I am this year with a class that makes me so very happy!  These little angels were  biting at the bit to spread Christmas cheer all week long!  I decided the easiest way to organize this week's Five for Friday, was by days of the week! So let's get started!
Monday morning,
Our little elf named Charlie left an important message for the kids!
We had a blast wrapping up our Gingerbread studies with a little science project or two...
Does the Gingerbread cookie sink or float?
Well at first, it sank right to the bottom....
But moments later,
it rose back to the top!
So the kids rushed back to their seats and recorded the data.
While we waited for more results,
we worked our 5 senses and taste-tested the gingerbread cookies!

After quite some time, we recorded that the gingerbread cookie lost all it's coloring and inflated quite a bit.  Definitely a floater!
We are working feverishly on place value and found some really fun dice games to help build our place value stamina!

Tuesday morning,
Charlie the Elf left us this awesome science experiment to try!

Needless to say,
the kids thought this was amazing and the scientific inquiry that was happening blew my mind!  I have some blossoming scientists in the midst!  We decided that our regular toothpaste would work just fine for humans...We'll leave this foaming hot mess to Charlie!
We spent the rest of the morning working on parent gifts and projects!  I found this fabulous reindeer gift bag idea last year and we voted to make them again this year!
We started with black and white crayons to outline the eyes and brows.
The kids then added glue to the eyes, nose, and mouth 
and brought their bags over to the glitter station to add the glitter.

We let them dry over night in this fabulous empty room next door to mine!
Then we moved right on to making homemade ornaments for our parents!  Holy cow!  This was the easiest project EVER!
I found sets of white glitter bulbs after Christmas last year at Meijer for 2 bucks each.  We used Sharpies to add some little detail....

And presto!
Glittery Snowman ornaments!
Absolutely adorable!
Wednesday morning,
it took the kids awhile to find Charlie.
He found a great hiding spot!
Our daily morning work has been such a delight for this teacher!
The kids LOVE the variety and themes!

What does 100 look like with non-standard materials?
Students broke out into two teams and voted on a team leader.
I was AMAZED at how fast they were able to work together and choose someone!
They had 10 minutes to brainstorm and create something with 100 sticks.  The team leader gave each teammate 10 sticks to add to the project.  After 10 minutes, team one designed a house.
Team 2 built a castle....
Or, as one student suggested,
a glue gun!!!

Thursday morning,
Charlie left another great message for the kids!
My birthday is December 27,
so I decided that I would bring in a birthday treat that was sure to knock the kids' socks off!
I told them that Charlie gave me a secret Elf recipe for making Elf Pudding!  You should have seen their precious little faces!
They were so stinkin excited!
I bought 24 Jello brand vanilla pudding cups.
We read the directions and made some predictions....
Then I went around and added the secret ingredient...
Magical Elf Syrup (a.k.a. green food coloring!)
We stirred and WOW, were the kids excited when this change happened very quickly!
So this teacher got the two-thumbs up for the best birthday treat EVER!!!  YAY!!!
We started brainstorming Elf Names for a special writing project.  Each student used a code to figure out their Elf Name!
This was hilarious!
Later in the day, we made holiday cards for the parents too!

Friday morning was the best!
I left this library shelf the night before looking like this....
Charlie got "wrapped up" in all his excitement and left this note for the kids!
Right after morning announcements we had a school-wide sing along in the gym.  We sang Christmas Carols and even got to wear red noses when we finished with the grand finale,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!
We came back from the sing along, and I already had this room all set up.  Did I mention how awesome it is having a spare room next door!!!!
We had a breakfast buffet line which included,
Snowman Kabobs,
Christmas Fruit Kabobs,
And, TWO versions of Grinch Kabobs!
I am working so hard to give the kids healthy choices this year!
We grabbed our food and headed back to our room to start our Polar Express party!
I will say, this was the darkest this room has been all year!
I'm not a movie teacher....
Don't do videos often.
But today was all about the magic of Christmas!
Even Charlie liked the dimmed lighting!
The kids loved wearing their PJ's and cuddling under their blankets!

After lunch and recess, we only had an hour so I wanted to send the kids off with a BANG!!!
We did the Elf Explosion Experiment and it was AWESOME!
It was raining outside, so we decided to do this in the spare room next door!
I had the bag inside of a big turkey pan sitting on the floor...
I barely got the baking soda in the bag before it started expanding...
Seconds later,
The kids were in heaven!
So I decided to start winding things down and open my gifts from the kids.
Look at me!  Wrapped with love!
Scarves, Accessories, TPT gift cards, Chocolate Galore, Even a Vera Bradley Bag!  
Did I mention how LUCKY I am!!
Now I do my gifts to the kids in a "backwards" fashion.
I give them an empty holiday bag
and they get to do a "buffet style" pick up of all their presents!

They were tickled pink to get a new book and copies of all the Elf Experiments we did this week!  
We even had 20 minutes to spare and got in some decorating for our  New Year's bulletin board!

12 years of teaching,
and 12 Christmas celebrations.
Each one so different and special.
This year, the magic of Christmas sparkled in their eyes and made this teacher so proud to have such an amazing class this year!
I love these angels so much!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Room 102!
Special Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday tradition!
Many more thanks to Mel D. and Michelle for the Elf in the Classroom  Linky!

Last week, I gave special shout-outs to all the amazing TPT projects that I have been using this month!
If you are interested in any of the experiments or activities in today's post, click  here.


  1. What an incredible week! I would love to be your student. Do you ever sleep? It seems like you would not have time for sleep because you have the most amazing lesson plans!! Merry Christmas my dear friend!!

  2. Wow!! I am in LOVE with all your activities, and the way you incorporated all that science. I have got to...GOT these next year. Those sweet babies of yours are so lucky to have you. Thank you so much for sharing, and wishing you the merriest of Christmases and a new year full of blessings. Can't wait to catch up over the break!!! :)

    Much love,
    First Grade Fairytales

  3. What a fun-filled week! AND-I think I love Charlie! Thanks so much for sharing, Julie!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. You are AMAAAAAZING, sweet friend!!!!!
    Love Love Love from WI - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  5. Love all the science experiments! Enjoy your break 'cuz YOU deserve it, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  6. Love all these activities Julie. Your kids are so lucky to have such an awesome teacher.


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