Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Currently

Happy New Year!
2014 is just days old, but causing quite the stir.
More than 10 inches of snow and the news just reported school closings for tomorrow.  I should be excited, but in all honesty 
I need my classroom and kids back.  I have been swamped with wedding plans GALORE, and YES! it's fun but I am starting to miss the laughter and hysterics of the classroom!
So, in celebration of my first snow day of the New Year,
I am linking up with Farley's Currently and sharing good tidings with you!

Nothing says LOVE like a Tiffany blue box!
The sheer joy of receiving one of these,
on my birthday nonetheless,
is one of the greatest feelings in the world!
"Giddy like a school girl" sounds just about right!
Chris made my birthday incredibly special and starting a New Year with this amazing man makes me the luckiest girl in the world!
This Winter Break was just what the doctor ordered.
Batteries are recharged and I can't wait for the whirlwind wedding just months away!
I want to wish you a year of happiness, good health, and plenty of love & laughter too!


  1. Happy New Year! I found you on Farley's Currently... Happy Birthday! I love that necklace and can relate to you about my mile long to do list! I hope you enjoy the last of your break and that you think of something special to do for your guy!

    Come and check out my current Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I also love that necklace!

  3. I had my whole wedding planned way before my now husband proposed! We were together for 6 years, now 11! I planned weddings in the summer when I lived back in NY. So much fun! Hope all goes smoothly!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog…if you hurry and are one of the first 14 people to comment, you'll win freebie!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  4. What a beautiful necklace!!! I hear you about needing the class and the kids. And Dallas...oh, I wish it was on Netflix!!! Happy snow day(s)!!!


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