Sunday, February 23, 2014

This is How We Roll on 100th Day!

Having 14 snow days throughout the months of January and February can really throw a wrench into planning big events in first grade.  Our Big Celebration was postponed, then delayed, then cancelled. Twice. What a bummer.
So when the arctic blast & polar vortex let up just a bit last week, 
it was all GREEN LIGHTS!  WOO HOO!
Our 100th Day Celebration was a HUGE SUCCESS!
Here is a little peek at our 100th Day schedule that was packed with first grade goodness and a ton of fun!
Our Morning Work consisted of fluency poems 
and decomposing 100.
I created these 100th Day Passports for each student to use during our station rotations!  
Each station was approximately 15 minutes long... But after awhile, some students asked to set their own pace, and that was totally fine with me!  After the completion of a station rotation, the child would turn in any work completed, and then pull off a sticker and cover the corresponding number on the passport.  This made it super-easy to see what rotations were next.
I also made station sign headers for each of the 13 stations around the room.  Of course I tried to incorporate our "learning target language" by turning the sentences into "I Can" objectives!

I have gallon-size Zip-Loc bags labeled A through M
that are filled with a ton of great guessing materials like pom-poms and toothpicks!  Students use the recording sheet to estimate and make their guesses!

If you haven't already picked up my 100 CHEWS freebie, click here.  I think the kids were bursting at the seams to get into this station!

This little 100th Day gem is by Nancy V. over at First Grade WOW!  She has a fabulous 100th Day packet STOCKED FULL of fantastic freebies!  Did I mention how much I adore her!
My little guy here was so excited to add talking bubbles to his artwork and the old man was saying, "What did you say?"
How stinkin cute is that!?

I have a second estimation station with gallon-size Zip Locs labeled 1 through 15.  You can click here for a copy.  This station is a bit more challenging because it has four possible choices-
My little Miss pictured here was laughing at the pink cotton balls and looked at me totally stumped.  She said it was the "tricky bag"!

100 Licks is, by far, the most hilarious part of 100th Day!
I have this station as another freebie on TPT so click here to grab it!

100 Licks in ACTION!
Can you say I PUFFY HEART those tally marks!!

This station was another favorite of mine found in Nancy V's 100th Day packet!

Nancy V has definitely created a first grade challenge game with Race to 100!  

Instead of using the traditional Ellison cut-outs this year,
I decided to be more efficient and use that fabulous clip art I own!

I hung up to previous projects from years' ago, and the kids were inspired!
Brey wasn't quite finished with his monster truck, but it sure looks awesome!
Sunshine and rainbows and Truffala trees, OH MY!
Love this one!

Yet another NANCY V activity called Toss and Talk...
My accelerated Math group really LOVED this station!

The last station was coloring a 100th Day Award!
Thank you Mel B. for this fabulous freebie!
All the station completion materials were stamped and stapled together to send home that day!

A quick fold and PRESTO!  An instant folder of take home goodies from our 100th Day celebration!

The afternoon was my favorite part of the day!
The Wolf's Chicken Stew
After reading "The Wolf's Chicken Stew"
we concocted our own 100th Day Stew!
Can you say, SCRUMPTIOUS!
I invited two students to keep track of the ingredients I was adding and this is what they wrote.....
A WOWZA of a recipe!
Then we sorted and sorted....

and used our MATH TALK with an elbow buddy to discuss patterns and similarities.
Then it was time to GOBBLE UP that stew!
At the end of the day, we gave out some 100th Day stickers to students who really put the WOW in 100th Day!

Even the teacher was presented with a bag of 100 skittles for having the coolest 100th Day vest!  
That really made my day super-sweet!
I have had this vest for a long time.
Each year, I add new buttons and pins to it...  
You know....
all those little gifts you get over the years from the kids!
(wink, wink!)
It was actually a bit sad folding it up and putting it away after our big day...
I can't believe how lucky I am-
to have a job where celebrating 100 is so important and fun!
All Hail First Grade!!!

***UPDATE: I have just posted my latest 100th Day Celebration!  Click here to read all about it and grab some free forms!

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