Monday, April 14, 2014

Skipping the Treats and Celebrating with FANCY Y and an ART PARTY instead!

Happy Monday Friends!
Spring Break has finally arrived!
Of course I woke up this morning, startled and fearing I was running late for school and it took me 15 minutes to realize I WAS allowed to sleep in today!  HOORAY!
I am not sure the kids were terribly excited about leaving last Friday.  They were quite serious about having already had to endure 14 calamity days this winter and really didn't want to spend more time off at home..... (How sweet is that!)
We had so much fun learning last week, I guess I can't really blame them!  Let's give you a peek at last week!
 The Fancy Y made quite the impression and we learned so many new words that Fancy Y can make!
Of course Room 102 is a HUGE fan of Jane O'Connor and the Fancy Nancy Series!  We have all of her books!!!

It was the PERFECT opportunity to introduce Becca Foxwell's 
Fancy Y as Long E {long e spelled y phonics unit}
We loved every single word work activity in the unit!
The kids even made up some fun word games too!
This darling says, "Ohhhh, I missed that one....and I knew it!!!"
On Thursday, we had a FANCY Y party and dressed in our fanciest clothes!  Look at these cutie pies!

For several weeks, we have been exploring text features within informational texts.  Last week, I met with a small strategy group and they did so well with text features, they were given the honor of teaching that same lesson with a group of students...just like the teacher!
I was so impressed!  These groups were on task and eager to participate! 
Love how "Feature Flamingo" is being passed around to share in the text features discussion!
We had a total of four strategy groups working throughout the room.  The conversations were amazing!

WOW!  Look at her text!  Tons of post-its means TONS of great text features to discuss!  YAY!
After the read aloud and guided practice, groups were asked to complete a cut & paste activity to show what they know about text features.
They did a great job!
This week in math we are having a blast with measurement and using non-standard materials to help us measure!
(I am using Reagan's Masters of Measurement unit)
Mastering Measurement: Non-Standard and Standard Linear Me

Our 2 favorite non-standard units of measurement are 
pennies and teddy bears!

Most classes have a party the last week before spring break...
But not Room 102!  The kids voted to skip the treats and have an ART PARTY instead.
(Boy do I love this class!!!)
We were so excited about ROBOTS last week that we chose to do a Directed Draw illustration of a robot.  (inspired by Pinterest of course!)

We are studying famous artists, and I managed to squeeze in Kandinsky's work with the robots!
We added the bright and bold squares and made these robots take on a whole new look!

From far away, you see Kandinsky Colors.....
But coming closer.......
Aren't these the best little robots you have ever seen?

Another special art project was one of this teacher's favorites!
Pablo Picasso is well-known for his cubism and blue period.
We mixed the two techniques together and came up with self portraits.....Picasso Style!
First Graders are discovering fine motor skills all year and this is a great lesson to see who can conceptualize form and function.

Well I hope you enjoyed a peek at last week!
I have a master "to-do" schedule this week and 90% of it is wedding related!  Wish me luck!  


  1. Do you have a copy of the Text Features activity your students had to work on or is it in your TpT store? I'd love a copy! I hope you enjoy your Spring Break!


  2. Bravo! Your class is quite artistic. So glad you made it to spring break! Enjoy your sleeping in, and wedding planning.


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