Thursday, April 17, 2014

We were Nominated...and WON!! 2014 Exemplary Reading Program Award!

Welcome back friends to my follow-up post regarding 
this photo from yesterday-
What do these exemplary educators all have in common?
Answer:  They will ALL be presenting at the 2014 IRA Conference in New Orleans this May!
Now what on Earth does that have to do with me?
Recently, my elementary school was the only school in the state of Ohio to be selected for the International Reading Association Exemplary Reading Program Award.  The award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs in schools throughout North America.  The award highlights the many literacy initiatives/endeavors we take on throughout the course of the school year and looks at how we embed literacy into our daily practice and overall school community.  Specific initiatives that were examined to determine the award include:  our tutoring program, community volunteer involvement, comprehensive Daily 5 practices throughout our building, ER&D Comprehension Strategy teaching practices, professional development in the area of literacy, staff involvement with The Toledo Area Council of the International Reading Association, Title I services, involvement with Right to Read Week, International Literacy Day, Read Across America, various author visits, participation in the Read, Write and Think Organization and participation with the Accelerated Reader program.  I was a little nervous when my principal asked me to be one of four classroom visits on the "IRA judgement tour", but our team was so geeked up to win this award, I had to do it!  Seven IRA consultants visited Room 102 for about 25 minutes to see a CAFE lesson and Daily 5.  Judges also visited 3 other classrooms and a Title one session with an intervention specialist.  
It was a great day and the following week, our principal had an emergency meeting to share the final results.
We won the Exemplary Reading Award for 2014!
How exciting!
But oh no, that's not all folks!
My superintendent was there at the meeting to congratulate us and offered to send me and a very special colleague to New Orleans in May to receive our award!
we get to attend the 3-day IRA conference where all the educational gurus will be presenting!
(insert my party dance at this point!)
The Daily 5 Sisters
Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (The 2 Sisters)

P. David Pearson
Rafe Esquith

Debbie Diller
Debbie Diller

Richard Allington
Richard Allington

Phyllis C. Hunter
Jana Echevarria and MaryEllen Vogt

Tim Rasinski
Timothy Rasinski

Not to mention shopping in TEACHER Heaven all weekend!
Exhibit Hall
This is my first trip to New Orleans so I am sure this trip will be a very memorable one! May can't get here soon enough! I look forward to returning from the conference and sharing all my new-found knowledge with you! 


  1. Congratulations, Julie! What an honor and what a wonderful opportunity! I have two of Debbie Diller's books, and our district adopted the Daily 5 this year! Can't wait to read about your experience! Yay for you and your school!

  2. I am totally NOT surprised by this fantastic award!! I knew you, your classroom and school were different from the first time I read your blog. Congratulations sweet friend! Have a great time in New Orleans!!

  3. So great!!! Yay for you! Have a fabulous trip!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. That is so fantastic! What a wonderful honor! I am thrilled for you! Please post pics of the experience so we can share it with you!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!


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