Wednesday, July 2, 2014

EOY Bliss in Room 102----Don't Miss It!

I am a few weeks behind with getting this post out but better late then never, right?
The final days of school in Room 102 were the best I have had in my teaching career.  Seriously, there was so much fun and excitement happening every day,
the kids and I didn't want this year to end!

My class WON a special field trip to Wildwood Park to meet famous author and illustrator David FitzSimmons!  I highly recommend adding these new favorites to your book list!
Curious Critters Volume Two

The author gave a fabulous presentation and slide show on both of his books!

Then we were so excited to pose for a class photo with
 Mr. Simmons!
Following lunch in the park, we took a phenomenal nature walk through one of the most gorgeous parks here in Toledo.

That night, my teaching colleges and I flew to New Orleans to accept a Reading Excellence Award that our school WON from the International Reading Association!!!

In previous years, I have always finished out the year with a Fairytales Unit and Reader's Theater Play.  This year's class voted to do something completely different.  I was so proud of the kids when the votes were tallied and the winning project would be a class science fair!  I immediately got online and searched for ideas and of course, found this fabulous freebie on TPT to get me started.
 Click here or on the image below to grab it!
 Science Fair Student How-To Guide
I found some Pinterest-inspired sites that referenced grade 1 science fair ideas so I made a list of about 20 ideas and had each student choose which project they wanted to research.  The parents received a copy of the above-mentioned student guide over spring break in April and had the entire month of May to work on the project.  
We held our science fair over three days and 8 to 9 students presented each day.
Of course, I was lucky enough to have the empty room next door to set up all the projects.
I was absolutely blown away by the excitement, anticipation and effort put into these awesome science projects!  Take a peek!

Hazel's LIVE ACTION video feed:

I did take points and assess three major areas of each project. (Oral Presentation, Materials, and Scientific Method). I then created these cute Young Scientist Awards that included the final grade for each student.
I made this document editable so if you'd like to use it, click here!

What could beat three days of amazing Science Fair Projects?
A field trip to Bolander Farms!
We milked cows, learned life cycles of bees, trees, and sunflowers.  We fed the goats, deer & pigs AND had lunch in a barn!  Doesn't get any better than that!!
The final day of school was a short, half day.
The kids worked on their Memory Books-

And I bought each of them some fun summer treats to keep them excited about reading!
Scholastic had tons of great $1.00 book selections so I bought some chapter books that I knew the kids would love to read!  I also downloaded and printed out two AMAZING sets of awards that I presented to each of the kids!  They were so stinkin excited to get not one, but two very special awards from their teacher! 
Click here to check out the EOY awards source!

As always, I send home a farewell letter my sweetie pies and include a poem that I found many years ago.
Just couldn't stop the little tears when we read this together.
And speaking of gifts,
this teacher was feelin' the love!
A new zebra for our Critter Cafe.
A bouquet of Sunflowers.
A pink rose bush.
Man, am I one lucky teacher!

It was the most incredible school year.
I miss the kiddos so much and hope that next year's class is just as sweet!
I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will be back very soon with a Tour of Italy you won't want to miss!


  1. Wow!!! What a great end of the year. An award!!!! That is so exciting. Congrats! And I need to check out those books you talked about! Thanks!
    Curious Firsties

  2. Oh Julie!!! So much great stuff to end the year. Those science projects were amazing. I am definitely pinning it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I love that you let them vote on what to do for the EOY - and I love those happy/ proud faces by their projects. Also, I do a scholastic book give away, but I never thought to buy multi copies of the same book. I'm gonna do that! Sara


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