Sunday, September 7, 2014

My 2014 Classroom Reveal Virtual Tour

Welcome Back to School Friends and Fellow Teachers!
It is high-time for me to share my Classroom Reveal Photos with all of you!  Up first, Back to School Night and Open House!
Our school theme this year is WILD about Learning so I hit the jackpot with my room already slathered in jungle print decor!
I utilized my Focus Wall for the parents "To Do's" this year 
and it worked fabulously!

On each desk was a student supply "extraction" list so parents and students could easily get all the materials stored away in the proper places!
I found this fun little freebie on TPT and the parents were more than excited to take home a yummy treat!
My guided reading table had tubs stocked-full with forms to fill out and my First Grade Handbook to take home and read!
Two days later, 
Room 102 was OPEN for business and WOW has time flown by!
Coming in the door, you see....

Pictured above is our multi-purpose area that has Work on Writing tools at the bottom and the white stackers on top has Work on Writing paper choices.
Students have their own mailboxes!
The math wall and station tubs are the only thing I have left to tidy up!
I snapped this photos during Read to Self!  My new library bookcases are outstanding!  Purchased from Lakeshore after the flood destroyed my old ones from last year!
I am so in love with the new carpets and cozy feel at the library!
The student book tubs were purchased from Really Good Stuff!  I love how big they are and will fit ANY size books!
I have the library labeled with AR levels on the first two top rows.  I used black labels to identify "Feature Books" that are available to the kids year-round.

This year I am adding the Daily 5 anchor charts to my cabinets! 
 It is a perfect fit!

I am using the Really Good Stuff tubs for my daily planning materials.  OH MY WORD...  I Love them so much!

Our media center in the classroom serves many purposes!  I use it as my teacher area, along with our 3 classroom computers and the listening center rolls out from underneath!!  xoxo
The CAFE wall is up and running!  So excited to have the animal prints!

I designated a very special place on our front whiteboard for our Levels of Understanding.  We use this ALL DAY LONG to check our understanding of new materials!  
Every morning the kiddos come in and follow our Marvelous Morning Routine task cards.  Totally eliminates all the questions to the teacher about what to do next.
Also pictured above is our new Daily Schedule using these adorable iPods! I love how on task we are this year!!!

Can't wait to get Guided Reading up and running very soon!  I love this meeting place!
And of course, our Focus Wall is back again this year, even bigger and better!  This is definitely a spot we love learning at!
For more details on the Animal-print Focus Wall headers, 
click here.
Desk arrangement this year.....
I'm not sure what you call this, but it is working fabulously!  About 4 students per pod and so far I have 19 students this year.  Lowest class size EVER in my teaching history!
Of course I grabbed this incredibly cute freebie from a Cupcake for the Teacher.  I bought the Zebra print frame and jars from Hobby Lobby.  The kids are so thrilled for a chance to be the Secret Star each day!
We have our End of the Day task cards posted on the exit door so students can check in and see what they need to accomplish before leaving at the end of the day!  Click here for the TPT source.
A peek from the outside in!
This is the third year for my Celebrity Wall in the hallway.  Each week, a student is awarded this special honor and we get photos of them in front of the wall!  Such a huge hit!
Our Wild about Learning theme wouldn't be complete with a Back to School Art Project inspired by one of our very favorite authors!!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my classroom this year!  Have a wonderful school year everyone!


  1. Such a beautiful classroom! Have a great year!

    1. Oh, Lori, you have totally made my day!
      What a compliment coming from you!
      Hope your year is off to a great start too!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I am (once again) inspired to jazz up my room. Have a super great year with 19 lovely firsties!!

    1. Thank you so much Alyce! You know I LOVE all things animal print, so the decor has become super easy to do!


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