Friday, October 24, 2014

Take a Peek at our SPIDER Week in Room 102!

Happy Friday Friends and welcome to a Spiderlicious Week in Room 102!  I should preface by saying that the topic of spiders is new this year.  I usually don't have time in an already jammed-packed October schedule, but this year I MADE ROOM for these little arachnids because I was blessed to receive so many fabulous teaching materials to make this unit so much fun!
Take a peek!
I found this awesome freebie on TPT to introduce Adjectives and Verbs!  This lesson was stickin' fun!
Each student was given a card and had to place it on the right poster!  Puffy heart LOVE!
During Word Work, students got busy writing those same adjectives and verbs on a word sort!
Last week, I WON an amazing Close Reading unit on Spiders by the amazingly talented Jennifer White.  We slathered our Focus Wall with pages we would be working on throughout the week.
We did three days of CLOSE reading with the text called "Spinning Spiders."
LOVE me some Pinterest to make my anchor charts fun!
Need some student numbers?  Click here for my freebie!
Here we are annotating the text-
Next day, we reviewed our new Spider Vocabulary terms and created a fun Spider Writing Chart.
My Firstie Friend Jennifer Tice shared her amazing 8 Legged Spider Math unit with me so I had to MAKE ROOM for this lovely addition during Math Rounds.  I added four new tubs this month just for Spider Math goodies!

Jennifer's Games in action!  The kids are having so much fun with these!

Look at the concentration on this little sweetie's face!
Counting on to 120 is much more fun with Spider Numbers!
I was so proud of my kiddos when they realized they had more to add to their Fact Finder Writing Pages and wanted to write a second draft.  This was the perfect opportunity to introduce the editing process and how writer's are always going back and fine-tuning their work!

No week would be complete without some awesome 
Pinterest-inspired ART projects!

Click here if you would like the SPIDER headers!

The kids will be taking turns today presenting their 
Spider Fact Finder to the class!

Now I know I tend to go overboard with a ton of non-fiction throughout the week, so I made sure to add my favorite two Spider Stories too!  
Love the deep, dark luring voice of the reader!

Yes, I have a fabulous Miss Spider Stool in Room 102~

I pre-cut the legs into 1 inch strips.
The handsome Italian hubby traced this headpiece and smile for me!
Then he used two plates to make the body circles.
The assembly lines!

Can you tell this was fun!

Of course, I ran out of hallway space, so these cute little spiders are hanging around the room!

Now I am SUPER STOKED to share my great teaching finds with you....Five for Friday Style!
Don't walk, RUN over to TPT and snag this AMAZING SPIDER unit by my sweet friend Jennifer!  Click the image for more details.
Spiders Close Read

The Applicious Teacher has made learning word categories SPIDERLICIOUS!  Click on the image to grab this incredibly fun freebie!
Spider Word Sort {Verbs and Adject}
Education to the Core has this awesome Spider Freebie that is perfect for small groups, partner reads, or a whole group read aloud!
Spiders: A FREE Mini-Book / Close Read and Writing Reflection
Jennifer Tice.  Rowdy in First Grade.  Need I say more?
8 Legged Math Stations
The kids LOVE this Number Line!  
Click here for this awesome freebie!
Spider March:  Number Line 0-125:  FREE
This Five for Friday is brought to you by Doodle Bugs Teaching!  Go link up and share your fabulousness with us!
Happy Weekend!


  1. As usual, your classroom looks like the best place to learn!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. I totally agree with Sarah!! Next time you plan a unit/fun week, can you do it with me?? I want to offer my kids this rigorous (and fun) learning experience!!
    Love, Alyce

  3. THAT is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing it!


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