Friday, December 12, 2014

Deck the Halls! A Peek at my Week: Gingie style!

PHEW!  What a week!  
The elementary hustle and bustle is giving us teachers a good run for our money but all I can say is,
I've been able to enjoy this jolly-good time of year because my plans are pretty awesome this month! 
That's right....
My simple equation  to keeping kids engaged and on their toes every day in December:
Gingerbread + ELF + Santa = A TON OF FUN!
Now if you would like to view the more detailed lesson plans,
click here for last week's plans,
click here for this week's plans,
click here for next week's plans.
We've had some NEW and very COOL reading critters join us this month.
 Beanie Baby Reading Strategy Posters for the Common Core C
Kung Fu Panda-
Chunky brought these awesome hunk & chunk books to practice in this week!
CC COW has really enjoyed watching us learn how to compare and contrast stories when we read!
I used my dear friend Sarah Paul's Gingerbread Man story (pictured below) and made copies for students to compare & contrast this to another version.
The kiddos ADORED this synonym matching game! 
We did it first on the Focus Wall, then students got their own set and had to do the matching themselves!
Gingie Math was a blast this week!
Can you guess our topics of conversation?
Using items in their desks to measure area and perimeter was a HOOT!  Loved their resourcefulness!

We also wrote about catching that mischievous Gingerbread Man!
We were able to get our first drafts completed this week-

Did I mention this fabulous little Gingerbread Disguises project?
Which is your favorite disguise?

Our class voted and this Gingie NINJA won first place. 
We also are shaking a leg and writing out Christmas cards to our parent helpers and classroom volunteers.
I made several different card templates,
so if you are interested,
you can grab these freebie cards HERE at my TPT store.
 Christmas Cards for the Holiday Season!
 Giving to our community is very important to us.

We were so happy to design pink & white ornaments for the Children staying at our local Cancer Research Hospital.

Plastic bulbs and paint donated from Michael's.
We left the caps off for a few days to dry and then
So pretty!
I loved these bulbs so much I decided to drive BACK to Michael's and buy more paint and bulbs for another project!
Each student was able to make 2 more bulbs to give as gifts at Christmas!
How AWESOME are these colors!!!
A new STAPLE creation for Christmas gifts in Room 102!

BRIGHT as a BULB idea for you-
Write student numbers inside each plastic holder for easy-peasy retrieval at the end of the drying process.
Check out my super-cute Count Down Santa that I practically stole from Michael's...Well, not literally, but it was on super-sale plus coupon, plus additional % off so I ended up paying & $7.00 for him.
And who is this sly devil?
Fancy Delivery this week!
Our secretary brought down this manilla envelope,
and inside was this note from the Elf
and a coded message!
We had a blast hunting for the Elf around the school building.
We found our little guy in the principal's office and brought him back to dream-up some great names for him!
Zach started out as a contender but we ended up naming our little fella OLAF.  
Very Snazzy don't you think?!
Then to celebrate the arrival of our new friend-

a fun little Elf Craftivity to decorate the classroom!

First Grade ROCKS!

These are just precious!
Needless to say.
I have the BEST JOB ever.
Where can you CELEBRATE and have this much fun at just any ol'  job?
I love teaching FIRST GRADE!!!  HOLLA!
 Have a Merry Weekend friends.
I am off to my next Christmas Party!


  1. Fun and engaging!! I love the bulbs! I have some laying around...maybe a project for tomorrow...

    Happy Saturday,
    Love, Alyce

  2. WOW!!! This post is absolutely amazing! You are seriously the blogging queen in my eyes. I love seeing everything you do in class. You focus walls are awesome! I simply adore your reading strategy posters. Your kids must just LOVE learning in your class.

  3. I love, love, love the colorful bulbs idea for Christmas presents for the parents! I am not artistic at do you paint them so they turn out like that? :)


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