Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrating Ruby Bridges with a little giveaway!

Yesterday we observed Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday and classrooms are buzzing this week with "I Have A Dream" sentiments.  I absolutely love having conversations with my little first graders about diversity and how we can change the world...one small step at a time.

I most definitely want to keep the momentum going this month with a strong focus on fairness, equality, and courage so I created a new unit on another heartfelt hero that our kids can definitely appreciate!

I grew up with Ruby Bridges as my role model.
I still get butterflies when I hear her name mentioned in conversations.  Meeting her in person is on my bucket list.
I want to give my first graders a better understanding of Ruby and her historical significance and this little unit is definitely going to help me do that.

Before we read about Ruby, we will ask a few questions-
We will also brainstorm and infer-
Then we will follow our daily close reading routine throughout the remainder of the week-

Sample Vocabulary Poster from the unit: 
Ruby had a nickname: "Ruby the Brave!"
I plan on having the kids use that topic to write about their new learning.
I also want to use our inferring lesson on "building bridges" to springboard another writing session.  I thought this image was awesome to spotlight our message on diversity! 
Let's have a giveaway!

Who is your hero?

Leave your comment & email below and 
I will pick a few winners later this week!

 Can't wait?  Click on the image above to purchase my unit from my TPT store.

Here's to teachers ALWAYS making a difference!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Who is my hero.....My student who had brain surgery to remove a tumor on Sunday. They found it on Friday afternoon. He has been so positive & brave.

    1. Debbie, that is so touching! I am praying for your student and a speedy recovery.
      Check your email! xoxo

  3. You already know my hero!!! Thanks Julie for inspiring me every time I read your blog.

    1. Alyce,
      You sure do know how to tug on my heartstrings!
      I love you to pieces sweet friend!
      Thank you so much!

  4. My hero is my sister! She has been through so many ups and downs and she has always maintained a calm and positive attitude.


  5. My hero is my mom...although she is no longer with us, I admired everything she did and her positive attitude in the face of adversity. Makes me seem a) lazy and b) a whiner in comparison...

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  6. Congrats to Alyce, Suzy Q. Sabrina and Debbie on winning!
    Ruby is on her way!
    Check your emails ladies!!!

  7. Sorry to have missed the giveaway but I'm putting it on my wish list. :) I'll still answer the question. My hero is my husband and all those who are in the military. They give up a lot to protect us and allow us to live free and how we want!

  8. This looks like a really cool lesson to adapt for a school counselor (like myself). Thanks for sharing!


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