Friday, February 6, 2015

Polar Bears, MLK Jr., and Penguins: 5 for Friday Style!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
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and Relax!
I have a TON of catching up to do this month,
so let's get started.... Five for Friday style!
Did you know that I won this fabulous gem from Lyndsey?
Polar Bears {A Complete Nonfiction Resource!}
My other Firstie Friend, Deb, shared this with me too!
Polar Bears: Creatures of the Arctic
I put both units together for a POLARIFIC WEEK of learning in Room 102.
We are studying about the Arctic and all the amazing creatures that roam across the tundra!  We added a ton of new arctic feature books to our library and the kids just love reading about Arctic Hares, Arctic Foxes, Seals, Walruses, and the class favorite-
We couldn't wait to get our ART on and conjure up some fabulous Polar Bears to decorate the hallway!
Check out these little artists at work!

How stinkin' cute are these!!

Don't forget to grab this fabulous Science Experiment Freebie! Polar Bear Science Learning Center, Observation & Experime
Do you..."Doublet?"
How do we remember WHEN to use those double consonants?
With ALOT of practice!
Students added their new learning on "doublets" to their Phonics Notebooks!  These little notebooks keep track of all the Phonics learning we have been doing in first grade so far.
In Social Studies, we featured the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his life's work to end segregation in our country.
To better demonstrate "color" and "segregation"
I used this little apple experiment to help relay Dr. King's message  "Not by the color of our skin, but the content of our character!"
We did some CLOSE reading on Dr. King and dug deep to determine the significance of his life's work.
Did you know that MLK Jr. won the NOBEL Prize in 1964?
Ask your child to tell you more about it!
We partnered up for our follow-up read alouds and practiced new and exciting words we found in the text.  We always highlight those interesting words in yellow so they stand out!  That also helps us find the words again when we add them to our writing.

The next day, we completed this awesome inferring activity on 
Dr. King.  I was so excited to see how quickly the kids caught on to the inferences!  HOORAY!

After we arranged each inference in the correct order,
students paired up with their elbow-buddy and practiced reciting each one.
The kids were so engaged with our diversity conversations,
it was time to put pencils in those little hands and get them writing about it!
Can you tell why this teacher is so proud?
My happy little writers did this all by themselves! 
 Independent Writing at it's best!
Now you should know by now that NO unit is complete without a fabulous little art project to go with it!!  
The kids formed our assembly line,
Picked up all the necessary pieces, and began cutting away!!!

End result- A first grade hallway tribute to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Nancy V. over at First Grade WOW has some of the greatest ideas EVER!  BIG HUGS to her for sharing her crafty diversity lessons with me! 

Click on any image below for some awesome source details!
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literacy Unit
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Writing Center for Primary Writers

Martin Luther King Jr. {No Prep Practice}

Winter isn't complete without a funtastic little unit on Penguins!!!
We introduced a new CAFE critter this week.
 Beanie Baby Reading Strategy Posters for the Common Core C
Picture-it Penguin is a comprehension critter teaching us how to visualize, and make a picture in our minds of what we a reading.
Now this teacher is crazy-happy with building THEME units in the classroom so take a wild guess to what our Reading Topic was for the week.......
With some awesome help from Teacher Pay Teachers, I was able to collect a ton of great Penguin resources to use this week.

After reading CLOSELY about Penguins, 
we shared our favorite new vocabulary terms,
and dug deep into the text to answer this penguin questions.
I bought some new Penguin books on CD and the kids were excited to listen along.....
Picture-it Penguin was SO NICE!  He brought some Visualizing activities to do along with our story!!!
These stories are so funny!!!  Ask your child to tell you more!

Pinterest Inspired this lovely penguin art project!

The painted backgrounds dried overnight....

The next day, we cut out the penguin pieces and glued them on the rainbow backgrounds.

Take a peek at our Pretty Penguins!

Next week, I am planning to use my newest little creation on  
Ruby Bridges!
Ruby Bridges: A Non-Fiction Close Reading Resource
For more details on this unit, click here or on the image above.
Thanks so much for letting me share my month with you!
Have a WARM and WONDERFUL Weekend Friends!


  1. I love your bulletin board "This week we are learning...". I recently had to start posting our learning intentions. I currently am writing it on the dry erase board. I'll probably do something more permanent next year. Love your blog! Have a good weekend!

  2. I just found your blog and am so excited about digging into it! Do you do your close reading whole group or in small reading groups?


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