Monday, March 23, 2015

First Grade Measurement Fun with a Dash of Leprechaun!

Happy Monday Friends!
I am not sure how the weekend got away from me so quickly....
It seems like a blur!  I took a ton of pics from last week so I am excited to share our new learning with you!
In Math, I am supplementing our GO MATH series with some great measurement materials from Reagan Tunstall's units:
A Teacher's Math Resource Unit 9 Measurement 
 Mastering Measurement: Non-Standard and Standard Linear Me
The kiddos are having a blast using all types of Non-Standard units to measure objects around the room.  I followed Regan's recent post and made a "fish pond" out of butcher paper and Scholastic Clip Art images!
There was ALL kinds of great Math learning happening at the pond last week!  I loved listening to the "math talk" and hearing how kids were proving their point of measure!

Everything that wasn't nailed down was measured!!!

We also celebrated St.Patrick's Day and had a ton of fun!
Say CHEESE!!!!
These two won the  BEST DRESSED award!
And this cutie-pie brought in painting caddies for all of us!
How thoughtful!
And my gift was totally awesome!
How cute is this poem!!!
Then we got busy making some Leprechaun LOOT!
We started with a TON of supplies.....
We mixed, and stirred, and then POOF!
The Leprechaun Loot was ready!
Looks DELICIOUS doesn't it!
Of course we had to tie in some math so we sorted it, graphed it,
recorded our data using tally marks......
And then we got to eat it!!!  YUM! YUM!
That sly little green guy left us a scavenger hunt around the room!
He left us this basket-
We opened it up and found new pencils and sticker sheets for everyone!  HOORAY!!!
Grab your freebie from the very generous Cupcake for the Teacher by clicking on the image below!
st. patrick's day treasure hunt {printable clues}
We were feeling pretty inspired at that point so we decided to put our good energies to work and create a cool tribute to our favorite little green guy!

How awesome are these guys???!!!
Picassos' in the making!
The lovely Jennifer White over at First Grade Blue Skies has these incredibly easy and very FUN Directed Drawing activities available for free on TPT!  Click on the above image for more details! 
And just today I found a NEW Directed Drawing for Bunnies on Jen's Blog!  Boy, do I LOVE that girl!!!
That's all for now folks!
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Found the Gold Freebie Hop!

Happy HUMP Day friends!
My very talented blogging buddies over at 
decided today would be the perfect time to have a FREEBIE HOP for all of our fabulous followers!

If you have just found your way over from the lovely
 Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade, THANK YOU so much for stopping by!  My little freebie for you is this really fun Job Application to use with the picture book "Easter Bunny's Assistant."
The Easter Bunny's Assistant: Job Application
My class last year had a blast with this application so I am definitely going to squeeze it in before spring break this year!
Click here or on the image above to grab my freebie! :)

Up next in our Freebie Hop is the very talented Abby from Third Grade Book Worm.  She has another special freebie just waiting for you!  Click on the image below.
Be sure to complete the entire blog hop to grab as many freebies as you can!  ENJOY and thanks again for following us!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Right to Read Week: A Seusstastic Celebration!

It has been a SEUSSTASTIC  week in Room 102! 
Our phonics focus the last two weeks was on the LONG Vowel U.
We also had fun sorting long & short vowels.
A new CAFE Critter came for a visit this week!
Purpose Pig is teaching us how to determine the author's purpose.
It's as EASY as PIE!
We are using these awesome comprehension stories by Mrs. K Teaches to "determine" which part of the "PIE" it fits into....
We discovered that just about ALL of Dr. Seuss' stories fit under the PIE category "Entertain."  Look at all these Seussy stories we read this week!

Of course we added some fantastic Artwork to go along with our studies!  My extremely-talented firstie friend, Jennifer White just posted about her Directed Drawing of Cat in the Hat.  Here was my try at that!

Would you look at these cats!!!
Absolutely AWESOME!!!

Take a look at my sweet little Seuss friends!
Jennifer White also created the templates for the Thing 1 & 2 hats!
Click here to grab her freebie!  Jennifer, if your reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my Seuss Week so fun!

Can you believe it?!
We even won a special award and prize for having TONS of Seuss Spirit this week!
I was so excited I had one of my kiddos take my picture too!!!!

We puffy heart Read to Self time!!!

Our principal even stopped down and read to the kids too!
You can tell we had an extremely fabulous week!
Hats off to Dr. Seuss!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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