Tuesday, July 14, 2015

iTeach First Conference #Vegas2015

The iTeach First Conference in Vegas was, in a word,
AMAZING!  I was so incredibly fortunate to attend all 4 days of the conference and my brain is spiraling out of control with new and fun ideas!  The convention was held here at the Venetian, which was, GIGANTIC!  

As you can probably guess, my adventures in and out of this hotel was a riot.  I got lost.  Twice.  In the hotel..  But there was never any worry because there were so many teachers there, I just flocked towards them and made new friends!
SDE gave us some SWAG to wear during the conferences! This was genius because looking for a red bag when you are lost is an easy way to NOT admit your lost but a beacon of hope to get you to the convention center on time! 
I attended 15 sessions throughout the 4 days and every single presenter did a phenomenal job!  Of course, as teachers, we have favorites, so here are a couple of mine!
Katie Knight ROCKED her fluency session! She presented a TON of great ideas on building Fluency in the classroom.

 I wasn't sure she would recognize me for the first time; we have been blogging friends for a few years now, and this was the very first time I would see her in person!  I felt like a kid going to Disney for the first time!  Goosebumps and all!  
I also was so thrilled to hear Reagan Tunstall present SEVERAL times in one day! 
Reagan did an awesome job on our science "make it and take it" workshop!  We made a Force & Motion flip book which of course is going to be a huge it in my classroom this year!  
Magnets and Force and Motion Interactive Activities

Then she gave us this little freebie to post in our classrooms!  Grab yours by clicking on the image below!

Next up with another HUGE favorite!  The lovely and very talented Jen Jones from Hello Literacy!

There are no longer 5 big pieces of the Literacy pie! 
 Now there are 7!  
I LOVED Jen's first seminar so much that I stayed for 2 more sessions  which included Critical Thinking in the Primary Grades AND Building Vocabulary in First Grade.  All I can say is, WOW.  Jen has thought of everything and the handouts and rubrics she has created to help teachers grow in their understanding of this new shift to higher level thinking is OUTSTANDING!  A++++ Jen!

Now everyone knows this adorable face!  It's the one and only
Lisa shared an abundance of knowledge on Shared Reading and how to keep it simple and easy in the classroom!  I had butterflies taking this photo.....  Finally.  After 3 years of online friendship, I get to HUG and squeeze my inspiration!!!!  
There was a GINORMOUS TPT blogger meetup and more than 1,100 teachers attended!
I was so lucky to have these Firstie Friends as my Entourage!
Pictured from left to right: myself, Kelly Witt from First Grade Fairytales, Wendy McCarty from First Grade Fireworks, and Cassie Thompson from Adventures in Teaching.
I adore this photo and will cherish it always!  Kelly is that kind of friend that no matter how much time goes by, you can sit down and catch up like it was yesterday!  I love this girl to pieces!

All the teachers went home with a SWAG BAG stocked full of awesome gifts!  Take a look!
Ellison has a NEW machine that I am dying for!!!  
Scentos, Notepads, stickers, and free clip art!!! 
Not one, but TWO bulletin board sets by Carson Delosa.
For the raffle, I was lucky number 70 and WON
this gift certificate for a SKINIT!  My laptop will now look super-fab!
Of course, GO NOODLE went over the top and I managed to grab some FAB SWAG which included this adorable t-shirt, two headbands, sunglasses, and an id necklace!
Oh YEAH!!!!
Needless to say, the wealth of knowledge I came home with is blowing my mind!  Literally.  But the friendships I have made with these sweet teachers is by far the most incredible part of this journey!
Thank you to everyone who contributed and gave me so much to implement in my classroom this year!
HUGS to you all!


  1. Fabulous!!! Loved the recap and the photos.

  2. I love the 7 parts of reading instead of 5! I like the visual. We know these parts...but seeing this and hearing was helpful to me. Thanks!! I am so glad that I can "live" through everyone's learning because I could not attend the conference. It is a dream for the future! :) Great post!


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