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Weekend Warriors: Sight Words Edition!

Happy Weekend Friends!  The Weekend Warriors Crew is super-stoked to present you with our September Theme on SIGHT WORDS!
There are so many fabulous ideas out there for incorporating Sight Word Study into our classrooms.
Today, I will be sharing a mix of how I incorporate First Grade Sight Word instruction into my weekly schedule.  As I've mentioned before, organization is a must for me. This little planning system works perfect for me because everything is sorted in the envelopes for the entire year.  I just grab & go each week!
Our first grade district team is currently using a shared curriculum planner to scope out sight words(and phonics skills) for the year.
click on the image to download.
We have 6 sight words to focus on each week.
I laminated 30+ manilla envelopes with these weekly headers on the front. Click here to download my header pages!
These sight words I consider to be Tier 1 words.
Inside of the folder, I have my word wall cards ready to go for the focus wall, and a master copy of each daily sight word poem and warm-up activity.  I run the poem and fill-in activity front to back.  This is a daily morning warm up exercise, so kids will get this done for morning work and have it ready to go for fluency circles later in the morning. 
I also keep our PlayDoh mats in the envelopes-
Along with Sight Word Fluency Sentences that align with each of the 6 sight words for the week.  (These items will be added to our Daily 5 Word Work tubs.)
Our CAFE Critter, Lizard the Word Wizard is always excited to make an appearance every Monday to give clues to what our new 6 words are!
For more details on the Reading Strategy Posters, click here.

The Sight Words then go up on the focus wall for Word Work practice throughout the week.
We also use Miss Decarbo's Sight Word Passages in small groups and my kids absolutely LOVE this exercise!  Eagle Eye, another accuracy critter, always flies in to check and see if the kids are "looking closely" for new words of the week!

After Morning Meeting, we celebrate our "word of the day" and then I demonstrate what the Sight Word Poem should "sound like" We then break into two teams and get busy reading fluently.
 Sight Word Poetry Pages: 100 Fill-in-the-Blank Practice Pages That Help Kids Really Learn the Top High-Frequency Words
On this particular day, the odd students were meeting at the pond carpet to recite the poem, and then the even students met at the Library carpet to rehearse.

After several repeated readings, the team leader of each group will raise a hand to signal they are ready to "ROCK THEIR FLUENCY!"  I listen to both teams and the team with the BEST fluency gets a scratch and sniff sticker on their poem! 
These daily repeated readings of the poem is one of my favorite parts of the day.  To see students in social circles, working as teams, having discussions about their fluency....sure does make this dear teacher HAPPY!

Last year I created my WILD ABOUT SIGHT WORDS incentive program and all I can say is....WOW!  What a dramatic difference from last year.  The kids are so eager to master each level and move on to the next!  I decided to use FRY words (1-1000).
In August, we set up our incentive ribbons in the hallway-
Each student has a purple folder in the purple bin.  Each week, a parent helper comes in to assess each child.
The black tub has awards, word lists, and extra copies inside.  The orange binder on top is for the kids to hold and read their leveled lists of words.
Today, My little was so excited to sit out with Mr. Smith and read his Level 22 word list....He passed!!!
Each time a student passes a level, they earn a brag tag for their ribbon-
AND, a very special award is sent home to celebrate the success with mom and dad!

At the end of the year last May, our hallway was BEAMING with Brag Tags and the kiddos were so proud of their year-long accomplishments!

 The last week of school, we had a huge WILD ABOUT SIGHT WORDS celebration! Giving the students a chance to reflect and look back at where they started was definitely an eye-opener to say the least!  These kids were feeling very proud by the end of the day!
We packed up their purple folders to take home....

 Inside the folder you could find the student's growth chart,
 and the new levels to practice over the summer months.
 Students also get to take home the remaining brag tags.
 As they pass each new level, they can continue to add brag tags to their ribbon.
The kids  thought this was so exciting and couldn't wait to take their Sight Words Folders home to share with mom and dad!
For more details on the Wild About Sight Words Incentive Program, click here or on the image below.

Do you have some fabulous ideas for Sight Words?
The Weekend Warriors invites you to link up with us and share your great ideas!
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Happy Learning!

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