Monday, September 5, 2016

Oriental Trading: Have you built your Teacher Wish List Yet?

The hustle and bustle of Back to School is always an exciting time for me.  Summer reflections always lead to new tweaks and changes in my classroom...  Always thinking HOW I can  make things better for a new class of fabulous firsties!
The credit card always gets a workout in August.
And my husband has gotten to know the UPS and FED EX guys really well!
One special delivery arrived and I told myself I wasn't going to open it just yet...
The next day, I took the large box to school and gave the kids a chance to make some thoughtful predictions about WHAT our special delivery could be???
I wrote their predictions down on the box-
and then we opened it!
The kids went nuts over these new dice for our Math Stations!
No more making paper dice that fall apart.
These are going to last forever!
And that's not all friends.....
Check out our new Cool Colors Reading Canopy!
Please envision my smile from ear to ear at this moment!
Talk about a magical place to do Read to Self time every day for those kids demonstrating really awesome Stamina!!!!
I think in a classroom of 25 first graders, 
we will need another one of this precious tents very soon!
My kids are in love with our new Reading Tent and with  heartfelt gratitude, we thank Oriental Trading for making some of our Wish Lists items COME TRUE in Room 102!

Teachers!  Have you checkout out Oriental Trading's TEACHER WISH LIST?
It took ten minutes for me to find some really special items, add to my wish list page, and post for my parents!  When they see our classroom doing something great, we ask that they consider picking any item off our wish list and sending it to our classroom!  
Check out my Wish List here by clicking on the image below-
Happy Wish Listing!!!

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  1. Wonderful! I've made a wish list, but looks like I need to update it and share it. Happy Day!


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