Friday, February 17, 2017

Inspired by this lesson on Perseverance!

Happy 3 day weekend friends!  This was a milestone week for me.  I reached a very important personal goal on my teacher evaluation. Many believe it is unreachable feat, but I am the stubbornest teacher on the planet and that gave me the fuel and fire I needed to persevere. It worked!  And I feel proud and honored to be recognized for my hard work!
(very happy teacher below!!!)
Of course, we need to model that hard work and dedication to our students each and every day.  Light-bulb!!! Let's take this teachable moment and expand upon the topic of perseverance!

My incredibly-talented teaching friend, Tara West, shared a video on Perseverance that she demonstrated for her kinders.
At that moment of watching her video, back in August, I knew, without a doubt, I would find the perfect lead-in to use this lesson with my first graders.
Well here it is.  Thursday, February 16, 2017.
This week we adored Valentine's Day! Definitely feeling the Love, Friendship, Kindness, and how kids can use their passion to change the world.
It was the perfect trifecta!
I grabbed the iPad, hit record, and here it is!
Room 102's lesson on Perseverance!
What do you think?
I am still very "green" at videoing myself but the teaching message outweighed my nervous-nellies.
Never give up.
Always persevere.
They got it!

We then made a ton of great connections to our Reading topic this week~

The kids were so compassionate and responsive to making connections with Ayanna's sit-in" being an example of Perseverance! 

Then we used my unit on RUBY BRIDGES and are working on making those same "connection bridges" to model how Ruby persevered at school.
click on the image above for more details on the unit!

My heart is full friends.
It was one of those special, special weeks in teaching. Thanks for sharing it with me!!!

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