Thursday, June 8, 2017

OTC Presents: Learn365 for STEM Lovers Like You and Me!!!

Happy Summer Friends!!!!
Now that I am officially on summer break, I have made it a point to do some reflection on how my year went overall.  What did the kids LOVE?  Was there anything I can change and do better next year?
One thing that was a HUGE HIT this year with my first graders was our Explore Tubs.  These tubs would be open to students after their Reader's or Writer's Workshop commitments were completed each day.  Our Explore Tubs have a mix of STEM related materials inside that I have purchased over the last two years.  For a trial basis this year, the tubs were simply stacked under our focus wall.

 The tubs contained many building materials, 
Legos, matchbox cars and even army guys!

 The board games provided problem-solving and strategy-learning for students as well as being able to follow rules and taking turns. 

I bought a ton of block sets because this was a huge favorite with students!
 It was so exciting to watch their imaginations come to life building tall sky-scrapers, castles, towns, you name it!

After the 100th day of school, we voted to keep the cups available for additional building materials!
Not very pretty,
 but the kids kept them organized like this:
 The ceiling is the limit!!!!! :)

 Games like Mastermind and BrainFreeze really take critical thinking skills to the next level!!!

I am so happy to report that my friends over at Oriental Trading have reached out and shared some new STEM materials that I am so anxious to add at the start of the new school year!

Learning Resources® Gears! Gears! Gears! Movin' Monkeys™ Building Set

 Let your imagination run WILD with this!!!
 Dive into Shapes will be fabulous for hands-on Geometry practice too!
Now if you are like me and want to shop around for new and exciting STEM activities to try in your own classroom, click on this link:

Our friends over at Oriental Trading have a new shopping experience called  LEARN 365 with tons of great teaching materials for a very affordable price!

Now how will I be spending the rest of my summer?
Moving Classrooms!
That's right folks....I had the opportunity to finally move into a bigger classroom and I am beyond thrilled to see how I can create my ultimate "dream classroom!"  So stay tuned!  I will take a ton of pics to share this exciting journey with you!

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  1. Hi! I love your blog and ideas. I have so many questions about your day. You said you have students go to the Explore Tubs after their Reading workshop commitments are done. How do you track that and make sure they aren't rushing through? Do you use a tracking sheet? Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!



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