Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back to School Lightning Deals and Great Buys for the Classroom!

Christmas in July?
Friends, I think I took that literally this summer when the postal worker drove in and PARKED in my driveway.  Then she proceeded to chuckle and say, "You must be a teacher!"  
I usually don't go this crazy with my back to school shopping, but after Amazon's HUGE Sale and finding great bargains online, well.... I just couldn't say no!
One important goal this school year was to keep me comfortable and maintain stamina throughout the day.  
Support and Comfort on the Feet!
I am a HUGE fan of CLARKS!  When I slid these on my feet, it was like walking on clouds!!!
I am in LOVE!
My next love......
Oh yes!
My first graders go WILD for some smelly-love on their papers every day!!!!  I think they prefer these markers over stickers!

I am saving this set for December!!!
Another Deal I couldn't pass up!
These magnetic squares are the Mercedes-Benz of magnets!
Found these for a killer steal and plan on adding them to our STEM Tubs!
More for STEM tubs:

$5.00 Hardcover Books?
Yes Please!!!

Dollar Tree finds: plastic cups for STEM tubs, sandwich containers for card games, and of course, stocking up on stickers too!

Found this place through a Facebook feed and fell in love!
Ordered all these cute teacher tees for a steal!!!

I think I can safely say my shopping is complete!
Tell me, what was your favorite back-to-school find or steal-deal???


  1. Amazing! And I'm pretty jelly of your tees. ��

    1. Girl, you know I can't pass up cute tees!!!! :)

    2. Right now I am going to the site and putting some in a cart, then checking out. Stay tuned... ;-)


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