Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017-2018 Classroom Reveal!

This summer I said good-bye to my old classroom...Room 102

There was a TON of packing, sorting and purging that needed to be done.
My old workroom had 15 years of teaching materials packed inside!
So I purged....
and purged....
and finally was ready to move down the hall!
First day in, my wonderful husband stopped by to help me give the walls a fresh coat of white paint!

and I decorated the outside of my door with this year's theme: "Learning is an Adventure!"
On the inside of my door hangs a special wreath gifted to me from a former student!
It was a labor of love and two weeks later, the classroom was finished!
Here's a little video-
Would you look at those shiny waxed floors!!

Student Mail Center-
New this year.....Mrs. D's CAFE Corner!!!
Stay tuned for more details on this coming soon!

Tucked into this little spot below will be our REFLECTION STATION.
Brand.New.Black.Filing Cabinets.
Need I say more!!
Our classroom library is a "DREAM!"
Bought these awesome letters at Hobby Lobby!
Another online find is our reading tents!
Our Celebrity of the Week will have the privilege of using one tent all week long for Read to Self time, etc.
The second tent will be shared with those students demonstrating OUTSTANDING Stamina during our Daily 5 launch!

Our Classroom Community Supply Center-
STEM center-
I promise to have another post ready soon to spotlight and showcase what is inside of each of these STEM bins!

Sometimes I just feel like pinching myself because this classroom is a DREAM!
For years I have thought about what it would be like to have a larger room and finally that dream came true!  I can't wait to start this school year and celebrate each and every day in a room filled with a ton of love!  

That's all for now friends!
Until next time,

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  1. That would be so great to have such a classroom and I is so good for me to have it. That i smy dream. Take a look I like it very much.


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