Friday, August 4, 2017

Boo Boo Basket Freebie! Don't Miss it!

For all of my primary teaching friends, this blog post is just for you!
This is a fabulous classroom management idea that I am "opening" this year to build stamina with self-preservation and maintaining successful routines in the classroom.
I present to you..... 
The Boo-Boo Basket!
 This cute Dollar Tree basket is filled with warm-fuzzy goodness to help soothe and relieve any "unwanted stress" a student may be having in the classroom.  
 When lips are dry and cracked (and there is no lip balm in sight.....) a student can squeeze some Vaseline on their finger and rub on lips!
When we have a scratch, or bump, or spot, or any unknown area that needs loving....
 We also have Watermelon flavored throat lozenges, and not pictured is some scenty-smell- good lotion and hand sanitizer
Many of you may have already incorporated this idea but I just found it and I can't believe it took me this long!!!  
I would love to share my printables for my basket with you!  Click here or on the images below to download the PDF.




  1. Super fun and a great way for students to practice taking care of themselves (not that I want them to grow up fast, just know when to do it for self and when to get an adult).


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