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Around the Campfire in Room 111: Weekly News for 9-15-18

Welcome to this week's edition of the Weekly News in Room 111.  
This is our third week of using our daily writing photo prompts during our morning warm up routines!  I absolutely LOVE these!  
I have been doing a quick brainstorming session with students before they get started writing.
I have a few students model, orally, what they are thinking about...
and then I begin a sentence starter stem to help those very beginning writers get started.
I love how imaginative this allows the kids to be!!!

"If I had those shoes, I would wish for cheesecake and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cake!"

As soon as the morning writing journal is complete, students move quietly into a round of Read to Self time.
It's only Day 20 and look how relaxed and engaged they are!!!!  
Read to Self is truly a magical time every day in our classroom!!

I think this says it all friends!!!
  In Reader's Workshop this week, we are STRETCHING our BRAIN Power and cultivating a Growth Mindset approach to learning every day!
We have read some great texts like this one above that help us visualize how to shape and stretch our brain!  We started with the following chart and what a Fixed Mindset "sounds like".....
Then after reading several great read alouds, we added MORE positive words and phrases to reflect a GROWTH Mindset way of thinking!
Please invite your student to tell you all about our Growth Mindset chart and how we are using it throughout the entire school day!
After getting the kids "thinking about their thinking," we decided to record a few of our favorite phrases during Writer's Workshop!
I grabbed this workout brain image off google and made my own homemade writing paper (as pictured below).
Mr. Trace is ready to share his new learning!!!

  We heard more hilarious stories that helped discuss "When to Interrupt the Teacher" and "Voice Volume Control."
What does the Interrupting Chicken, Lacey Walker, and Decibella all have in common?
Be sure to ask your student the answer!!!
We have been recording all our new learning on these anchor charts below...
Then, once we have had many times practicing these important concepts, the kids will decide where in the room we will hang these up so they can refer back to at any time!
On Friday, we read about a girl who NEVER made mistakes....
until she did. 
What a fabulous book to reinforce "Mistakes are OK.  Mistakes are PROOF that you are TRYING!"
Our Phonics Focus this week is the short vowel A- word families (ad) and (an).
We have been using these awesome poems to practice repeated readings and isolating our key focus patterns within the text.
Partnerships then continue re-reading the poem several times using expressive voices like "Worried Voice", "Cowboy", and "Robot Voice!"
We also have a really fun weekly WORD SEARCH WEDNESDAY activity that kids absolutely LOVE!
More Word Work with (ad)
At the start of our daily math lesson, we always play a math fluency game to get the kids EXCITED for their math learning!
We call this "NEED for SPEED!"
Be sure to ask your child HOW the game is played!  They can even play at home with just a few players!
Here we are counting to 70 by 5's!
Our Celebrity of the Week is the team leader (pointer) and she gets to make the new rule every day!

We continue to build our stamina with learning all about using multiple strategies to add to 10.

Number Bonds are so fun when you use hula hoops!!!
We are creating a solid foundation with the terms "math manipulatives" and "math tools."
Every child learns in their own unique way and I love having meaningful conversations with the students to learn how they "do math" best!

 I highly recommend this book called "Grapes of Math" by Greg Tang!

 We have been using these poems for daily practice with multiple ways to show your math thinking!

A Very Special Thank You to this week's CELEBRITY Camper of the Week,
Miss Aria!

We loved all of your show & share items Aria!

You should have heard Aria ROCK her FLUENCY with this book she read to the class!!!

One special duty of our Celebrity is leading our Brain Breaks each day!
Aria definitely had us stretching.....ALOT!!!

I think my class is going to win the Olympics someday!!!

See you next week for another little peek at our week!

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