Sunday, September 3, 2017

The First Two Weeks Complete! A TON of FUN in Room 111. Check it out!

The first day of school was EPIC!
We began the day with a coloring challenge! 
Who thinks they are a 4-STAR Expert at coloring? 

 The kids worked so hard to move their coloring from a 1 to a 4!  Be sure to ask them how we use our self-assessment tool to help us become 4 Star Experts!
 We then heard the story, "First Day Jitters" and since we had a few first day jitters ourselves, we mixed up a special batch of our Jitter Juice!  Guaranteed to remedy any anxious feelings about the first day!

The teacher even got a special treat too!!!
Thank you Isabella!!!
Over the summer I purchased an amazing resource by Tara West.  The first full 5 days of school came directly from "Firstie Survival!"
FirstieSurvival Curriculum
There is a TON of valuable writing lessons included so we took advantage to write a lot on our first day of school!

 Then students had the chance to "Show and Share" their work samples with the class!

 If you have never heard of the "Energy Bus" be sure to add it to your library reading list!
Every day we focused on a new Rule provided in the text, and added it to our focus wall.
Then we added our personal connections to the Rule of the Day.  We also wrote about things close to our hearts, like our family!!!

 Pause for a SMILEY!!!

As we moved throughout this text, 
 we continued our journey on exploring rules that would make a positive impact on our classroom lives.
 Don't Be a Bully!!!

The provided lesson plans in Firstie Survival were so detailed and well-thought-out!  This teacher definitely gives this new, back-to-school favorite a TWO THUMBS UP!!
 We sprinkled in some Listening Skills with this read aloud from Howard B. Wigglebottom!
Be sure to ask your student WHY listening is so important!
 We broke down what the rules look like and sound like for ALL areas at school including the classroom, playground, hallway, and cafeteria.
Then we dug deep.... I mean really deep, and began a reflection chart on having a GROWTH MINDSET!
 We read the lovely story, "Giraffes Can't Dance" to make connections to things we can't do YET.

Then we came up with HOW we need to think positively and creatively to keep growing our mind each and every day!
Ask your student to tell you about our completed Growth Mindset poster we finished this week!
Finally, we wrapped our Firstie Survival Week with "The Best of Me" poem and Rules poster!
 When students finished their poster, they were able to bring it up and read it to the class!
Then we decided these 5 Rules presented in the story, "The Energy Bus" were so important, that we wanted to share our new learning with the rest of the school!  We proudly displayed them in the hallway!

Our Persevere Lesson was OUTSTANDING!
You may be thinking, "Persevere?  In first grade?" Just saying that word is a delightful treat to rain over the kids and remind them to never give up!
The night before the lesson, I wrapped up a box filled with special goodies... The box was wrapped 6 different times in 6 different wrappings! 
 The lesson was about Mrs. D and how scared she was to open the package.  She is not good at unwrapping and gets really worried when other people are watching her do something she is uncomfortable doing.
Needless to say, the kiddos were tremendously encouraging, shouting, "Don't Give Up!" and "Just keep trying!"
 By the time the final wrapping was peeled away, Mrs. D was so happy that she "persevered" and the students now had a strong personal connection to what it means to never give up!
(Here is the video of the lesson from last year)
Inside the Persevere box was the following:
 I made these up myself and thought it was the perfect gift to share during our Persevere Lesson.
The kids were so excited!!!
And then it was time to get busy writing about ways we are going to Persevere this year!!

Science was SPECTACULAR with our first experiment being the Solar Eclipse viewing!!! 

In Math, we have introduced our daily Calendar Math Binders-

 and began working in partnerships during Math Workshop and practicing what positive "Math Talk" looks like and sounds like!

Morning Work is so fun too!
When your child is unpacked, and ready to go for the morning, they began a daily writing routine based on a photo of the day!

 What is all the buzz in Reading Workshop?
We are laying the foundation for a successful year of using Daily 5 in our classroom!

I have gathered a ton of resources and put together a 20-day Daily 5 Launching Sequence that we are currently working from-

Creating anchor charts that record student ideas and understanding is a key focus to a successful Daily 5 launch.
The students take ownership of their learning and can build stamina with reflections to these anchor charts each and every day!
 Be sure to ask your student about these awesome books we have read to practice our "3 Ways to Read" mantra!
Here they are!!!
Our Read to Self firsties in action!!!

All that stamina and reading during the first two weeks of first grade makes this dear teacher so very happy!!!!
I have also purchased another fantastic resource for teaching Social Studies this year in first grade!
KinderSocialStudies™ *GROWING BUNDLE*
We are in the midst of Unit 1 exploring Rules, Laws, and Authority Figures!!!
In Phonics this week, our focus is on the short vowel O.
I love using these anchor chart posters to practice word family words-
Phonics Posters Bundle

 I am also using this amazing unit by Lyndsey Kuster that gives a ton of hands-on phonics practice using weekly poems to spotlight specific word families and/or spelling patterns.
Hands-On Phonics Poetry Bundle

 All of that fabulous practice this week on the short vowel o prepared us for our Spelling Dictation Test on Friday!
 We wrote a sample sentence together for #1.
Then your student wrote the dictation for #2 which was "I mop and hop a lot."
Also on Friday, we had a visit from Officer Shaw!
 She taught us all about bus safety and how to stay safe entering, riding, and exiting the bus!

Friday afternoon, students logged in to their google accounts and SUCCESSFULLY took our first round of STAR math and early literacy online assessments!!!!
 Aren't these new chromebooks fancy!!!!
 Here we are with 1:1 technology!!!

 Then it was time to celebrate not 1,
not 2,
but 3 birthdays!!!!
 Thank you so much Mason and Clark for the amazing birthday treats and snacks!!!

 Happy Birthday Boys!!!
Well that's all for now folks!
Stay tuned for more news from Room 111 :)
Have a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!!!
Mrs. DiBenedetto


  1. That is a LOVELY recap of a marvelous two weeks. You are getting me thinking... Next year, must do better! Not comparing, just wondering how I could beef up my fun and learning. Thanks for inspiring me again!!!


  2. You are so inspiring. Love your planning, organization and ideas.
    Where can I get the spelling sentence test and rubric?


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