Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Around the Campfire in Room 111: Our Weekly News for October 13, 2017

Has it been two weeks already?
My OH MY, how time flies when your having fun!
Last week, we opened up Mrs. D's Dollar Store and students were able to shop for goodies!
During the shopping spree, students decorated a NEW money envelope to keep their D Dollars safe and sound!

We even had a few students choose to spend their money on having LUNCH with the TEACHER!
How sweet!!!
We had such a great time eating together!

Grandma Rose began her weekly Thursday read alouds with the class!
The kids just adore her!!!

Our objectives we are working on:

In Math, we have been perfecting our subtraction strategies and using different tools to count back to subtract-
What is a FACT FAMILY?
In Room 111, we call them Number Families!
We spent alot of time practicing how to make a number family house that includes two addition sentences AND two subtraction sentences!

Hide and Seek Number Family!!!
Can your child fill in the missing number sentences?

More Practice with this:
In Phonics, we finished up a two week celebration of the short vowel i-
We love practicing our word family poems in different fluency voices!
Would you take a trip to planet Blip??
This team is rockin' their fluency!

In Reader's Workshop last week, we had the fabulous opportunity to meet Meerkat the Connector!
We used Meerkat to help make personal connections to our daily read alouds including this one-
Then we practiced these FIREY vocabulary words!

We discussed text features in our book such as diagrams and labels too!
Then partnerships got busy with completing their own versions of a fire truck diagram!

This Firetruck poem is so cute!!!  We loved singing it!
We even had some really awesome morning journal prompts on Fire Safety too!
The kids enjoyed sharing their fire safety tips with the class!

As students turned in their fire escape plans, they were awarded a "Junior Firefighter" badge!

Here is our first round of JUNIOR Fire Fighters!
It is hard to imagine that it has been 40+ days since our very first day of school!
In Daily 5, we have been working so hard on building stamina and becoming independent with reading, writing, and technology skills!
Can your child explain their expectations for each of these Daily 5 components?
We have been using our Scholastic News Weekly Readers to tie in positive "Read to Someone" routines and expectations.

After a brief introduction, the kids are off with a partner, re-reading the articles and highlighting key vocabulary in the text.

Daily 5 Work on Writing is so very precious to me!  It allows me to get to know each and every student on a very thoughtful level.
Ask your child what was so special about Ralph and why he was so inspirational to us?!?

The kids can write about anything they choose and I am blessed to receive special notes like this!!

Time to write!!!

This next one made my teacher heart MELT!!!

Read to Self has added a new component during our daily routines and procedures.  
Book Shopping!
Can you say, "Shop till you drop?"
Ask your child to tell you all about HOW we book shop for new books each week!!!

Clark was so stinking excited to find this book on Fall......  Just wait for it.......

There it is!!!!
Now that is my kind of excitement when we go book shopping each week!  Notice the kids are shopping for their own books....NOT the teacher :)

Our newest routine in Daily 5 is Listen to Reading!

Students can choose this round to kick back, relax, and listen to some great story-telling!!!

Here is our list of procedures for Listen to Reading:

Believe it or not, our sign out for Daily 5 is this easy and simple.....

The addition of our chromebook cart has been an absolute blessing!
We have created our very own GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!!
Parents!  Did you get your email request to join our site?
This is so fabulous!  Students can open up our Google Classroom pages and I have uploaded TONS of Math Fluency Facts and ELA Fluency Facts for the kids to access and practice!
What a great way to build speed and accuracy for our addition and subtraction timed tests!!!
Try accessing this from home by going to Google and clicking on the app (or image) of a chalkboard app.  You should have received our classroom code but if not, try this:
This week, we are ASKING great Questions about every story we are reading!
WHO is this???
It's Quincy the Questioner, that's WHO!
Be sure to invite your student to tell you all about how to ask questions BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER we read!
Try these at home!!!

Our focus stories like this really gave us some great practice with asking questions throughout the reading process!
Non-Fiction Close Reading on OWLS!!!

WOW!  Would you look at this focus wall!
A TON of great OWL learning!
The kids are referencing the new OWL vocabulary words!  Be sure to ask your student what they are!

Special Thanks to our last two Celebrities of the Week!  Our very adorable Camorena brought her favorite friend to share with us!

Last week Easton shared his ALL ABOUT ME poster with us-

and did a fabulous job leading class discussions too!
Well, that's all for now folks!
Have a wonderful week and Room 111 will be back soon with more classroom news to share with you!


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