Saturday, October 21, 2017

Around the Campfire in Room 111: The Weekly News for October 20, 2017

It has been a WHIRLWIND of a week, but I am so excited to share it ALL with you!!!
We have been so addicted to Owls, we continued our studies into this week!
Owls {A Complete Non-fiction Owl Resource}
After doing some close reading on some very interesting types of owls, the kiddos chose their favorite and wrote about it-
That was so much fun!!!

My example-

Then it was time to do what we do best in Room 111.....  A Directed Drawing of an OWL!!!

Our OWL gallery exhibit is proudly displayed in our hallway!!!

We managed to squeeze in a little Phonics this week with a focus on the short vowel u (un) and (um) word families!

In Math, we are learning all about a new unit of study called "Geometry!"
 Partners were tasked with creating ROBOT FRIENDS out of a set of circles, squares, and triangles!

Chevy went above and beyond introducing us to his Robot Friend, Milo,  
 AND wrote a description on the back!
Now that's a way to your teacher's heart!!!
Then it was time to get busy with our annual Right to Read Celebrations!  I was asked by our principal last spring if I would take on the leadership role of hosting this year's week-long celebration!  I will be honest and say that I was a bit nervous at first, but once I found a THEME to work with, the excitement just started to overwhelm me!!!  I put together a little schedule of daily events and activities for the teachers-

Learning has been such a FABULOUS Adventure already in our classroom!!
A special school-wide art project was sprouting up all around the building!
Students were asked to pick from a collection of "growth mindset inspirational posters" and then were able to illustrate and draw a poster to display throughout the school!  I tried to get as many photos as I could before the school bell rang!
Our class!!!

Mrs. B's Kinder Class!

Mrs. M's Kinder Class!

The Kinder Corner looked AMAZING!!!!

My First Grade Team!

Growth Mindset: Inspirational Poster Quotes-Students Design Their Learning Space

We also had the Scholastic Book Fair open to students every day this week!  I was all CHEESES when Logan bought a book for our class!!!
Thank you buddy!
We also received another precious picture book from Miss Quedynce too!  Thank you sweetheart!
Then the BIG NIGHT was upon us!
After school on Wednesday, I thought I would be more nervous, but I was happily focused setting up for Family Literacy Night! My principal was a huge help and I even had my husband Chris there to show his love and support for his wife's first BIG GIG!!!  (God LOVE him for that!)
 We staged a cozy corner for Reading Around the Campfire!
 Rolled my Big Book Cart down there because ALL KIDS LOVE READING BIG BOOKS!!!
 Then we prepped the stations with:
 Oriental Trading Black Magic Scratch Book Marks!
 Parent Station: 
 Oriental Trading Black Magic Scratch Animal Masks!

 3-D Pumpkin Craft!

 Campfire Snacks and H20 Station!

ADVENTURE Binoculars Station!
This was a HUGE hit!
I sent a note home with the entire student body several weeks prior, to begin collect paper rolls. 
We also collected a fabulous assortment of Duct Tape too! 
Here is Mr. D's Adventure Binoculars! 
 Of course, mine were not as cute, but good for examples I guess!  (LOL!)
 The next station was CAMPFIRE Painting!
 Paint and supplies from O.T.C.
Now we unlock the doors and hope someone comes.............

 YAY!  My Blake (now in second grade) is one of the first to arrive!!!

 Looking Adorable!

 Their smiles were contagious!
And boy, did that melt my heart!

 We had 7 amazing teachers volunteer their time to make this a success!  My school TEAM ROCKS!!!

 Cadence!  You are too adorable!
The Toledo Zoo was very popular with snakes, turtles, and a BIG LIZARD!

 This would be as close as I will be getting tonight!!
 The Adventure Binocular Team ROCKED the house!

 How precious is she!

 I just adore these 3-D Pumpkins!!!
 Well done buddy!
Flashlight reading in the tent
provided by our local Oregon Branch Library!

 Reading Around the Campfire has never looked so GOOD!!!!
It's all about family!

 This was the best turn out I have ever been apart of and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking time to come out and celebrate with us!
And the fun's not over yet folks!
Friday was a whole NEW Celebration!
We culminated this EPIC week with a Reading CAMP-OUT in our classrooms!!!
That morning, parents dropped off some tasty treats to snack on throughout the day.... Our donations kept coming so I had to set up a food buffet station in the hallway!!!  LOL!

 Gourmet Fruit Kabobs.
Easton's Grandma nailed it!
  Logan's Grandma did a phenomenal job on these scrumptious campfire treats too!
Super cute campfire snack made of cheese, pretzels, and grapes! [image only] hold your own campfire with this little snack!

So after morning announcements, the kids set up their sleeping bags and blankets around the room.

 He's got a flashlight under there somewhere!!!
 Absolutely LOVE it!

 Had to change the batteries quick!!!
 Lights OUT!
Flashlight reading only!
 If you are a teacher reading and looking at this, you know exactly how precious these images are to me!!!
 We did a fun Science Experiment, 
then ate.
Did some crafts, 
then ate.
Wrote some campfire stories,
then ate.
Designed more animal masks,
then ate.
This was truly the most exhausting,
most fun,
most exciting week of the year so far!
I feel like our little classroom family has become much closer and truly fallen in love with reading!
And it's only October!
I can't wait for our next Adventure!!!

To my parents and families,
thank you so much for your support and all the amazing donations!

To my teammates and fellow staff members,
you ROCK!  I couldn't have done it without you! 
Mrs. DiBenedetto


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