Sunday, October 1, 2017

Around the Campfire: Weekly Classroom News for 10-1-17 (It's Applicious! Don't miss it!!)

Welcome family, friends, and colleagues to this APPLICIOUS edition of the weekly news in Room 111!
 Our studies have included a ton of great new learning on John Chapman (AKA: Johnny Appleseed!)
 We did some close reading on Johnny and learned that he is considered a "legend!"  Ask your student to tell you what that means!
 We highlighted key vocabulary in the text and practiced repeated readings with a partner!

 Then it was time to really have some fun and try a directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed!
 We began with just a pencil sketch of Johnny.
 Then we used black sharpies to outline our pencil marks.

 Then it was time to add some color!!!

 Even the teacher had a blast coloring her rendition of Johnny too!!
 We proudly have these displayed in the hallway!

 Directed Drawings are my personal favorite because we can share the same "topic" or "theme" but each student adds their personal creativity and imagination to the artwork!
Now this is how much I adore APPLE week!!
 The weekend prior, my office floor was looking like this....  And boy was it hard to pick my favorite applicious activities!  There are too many fabulous things to choose from!!!
 So this week, we focused on the importance of Apples in our lives and did some really great reading from our non-fiction readers!

 The kids are doing a wonderful job following their Daily 5 "Read to Someone" routines and expectations during this time!

 We are using partnership retelling bookmarks to prompt good discussions after the read aloud is finished!

 We explored the life cycle of the Apple-

 and had some fun making a life cycle wheel diagram of an APPLE!

  Clark did a super job on leading our apple problem-solving discussions!!!
 He will make a great teacher someday!!
 The kids loved our Apple Taste-Testing on Thursday!
And by Friday, we were ready to EXPLODE some apples!!!
 Ask your student to explain the process of our Apple Eruption so you can repeat it at home!
 It was stinky....
 Then we moved into our second experiment called "Apple Oxidation!"
 We have the above apple slices soaking in these liquids to test our hypothesis.
 Ask your student to tell you more!!
 We look forward to returning on Monday to see which of these concoctions worked!
 We finished the day with this heartfelt story called, "Bad Apple."
 It had some really great learning lessons included so be sure to ask your student what meant most to them after hearing the story!
Adjectives may be a new term for students but when you link it to something fun they are learning about, it becomes easy as.... APPLE PIE!!
Please ask your student to read these applicious apple adjectives we recorded!
We have a very special fundraiser coming home super-soon!  We actually did the artwork for the fundraiser this week so you will see these coming home next week for your opportunity to purchase items with the artwork on it.
Here is our process (much like our directed drawings of Johnny, but kids drew themselves instead!)

 Mrs. D was feeling pretty good about her background coloring!!!

 These are too precious for words so I hope you take advantage of the fundraiser opportunity next week!
A big ROUND of APPLAUSE to our 2 most recent Celebrity of the Weeks!
 Logan had a great time reading fall-fun books to the class!
 Great job buddy!!!
 The Celebrities favorite daily activity is leading our Brain Break Exercises!!

 This week, the very lovely Delicia showed off her leadership skills and was happy to share tons of fabulous things with us!!

Then she had us bending....and twisting....
Boy, this teacher needs more yoga!!!

So as you can see, 
it was an incredible week in Room 111!
A very special thank you to parents and family that sent in all the apples for our experiments!!
Have a wonderful day!
Mrs. DiBenedetto

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