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Our November Recap! Don't Miss It!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
This post is jammed-packed with some very special happenings from the month of November, so grab that latte and read on!
As many of you know, I read Junie B. Jones every day to the class!  After 16 years, I still feel that giddish transformation each time I read aloud some of her wildest adventures!
Our principal gave us a very special treat!
Junie B. Jones and her entourage performed at our school!!!  It was so darling!  

Would you look at this cutie-pie!
Clark had the great honor of being our Celebrity of the Week and boy did he WOW his teacher with pizzazz!
LOVED his choice of treats he brought for the class!!!
Our Phonics studies wrapped up the short vowels with these special word families-
Of course, we are still using our Phonics poetry to build fluency and stamina with seeing those isolated phonics patterns within a larger text.
These poems are fabulous because they follow the same reading routine each week.
*phonics source*
We also sprinkled in some Word Sorts too!
The kids have taken a liking to color-coding so instead of cutting out each sort, they choose from a selected color coding pattern instead!
It actually is a huge time saver!

November was packed with pumpkin fun!
Reader's workshop consisted of many fiction and non-fiction pumpkin themed read alouds!

"Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper is one of my favorite fall texts for introducing VERBS!
I also pulled a ton of great pumpkin materials from this unit by my favorite little first grade author, Lyndsey Kuster!
Pumpkins {Differentiated Texts, Graphic Organizers, Posters, and More!}
I love the differentiated levels of text that are included in each unit.
The diagrams and text-to-world questions are really engaging for first graders!

I love listening to their conversations!!!
Read to Someone in action!
Our district requires a grade for Main Idea and Key Details for second quarter, so I used this awesome resource from Scholastic News online!

And speaking of Scholastic News,
I feel like I hit the jackpot this year with the monthly themes flowing so nicely!
After pumpkins, we moved right into Pilgrims & Native Americans which was covered seamlessly in these issues of the Weekly Readers!

This made my teacher heart so happy because I love the strategy of compare & contrast!  
So after two days of Close Reading, off they went to record their new knowledge!

Compare & Contrast in action!!!
We continued are studies of the first Thanksgiving with Lyndsey's unit-
The First Thanksgiving {A Complete Non-Fiction Resource}

At the end of the week, the kiddos wrote an opinion piece based on if they could choose to live like a Pilgrim for a day OR live like a Indian for a day and give reasons why.
Here's our celebrity sharing his opinion with the class!

Our technology dept. recommended a really fun activity that revolved around the theme of this book, "Turkey Trouble!"
After listening to the story, students took out their Chromebooks, opened up Google Slides and had an absolute BLAST trying to disguise this turkey!
I tried to take a few snapshots of their turkey disguises!!!

Finishing out the month of November,
we continued our interest in learning about the past with this fabulous unit-
School: Then and Now {A Complete Nonfiction Resource}

We loved doing more with comparing and contrasting!
This doesn't happen often, but when it does, you jump on the opportunity to take a field trip to a historic one room school house when your in the middle of this same unit of study!!!
Is it strange that I would love to actually teach inside this room for a day!

The opportunity of seeing the old school house was a bonus!  We actually WON a class visit to meet children's author David Fitz-Simmons!!!
He did an amazing job with his presentation to the kids!  Very engaging and fun!
We even got our photo taken with Mr. David!!!!!! 
November Art:
Pilgrim and Indian Directed Drawings of course!!!

In Math, we are comparing numbers like crazy!!!

Liam loved this story so much he wanted his picture taken with it!!! xoxo
Lunch with the Teacher this month was a happy, happy day!

So what's new in Daily 5 this month?
Just bought these new listening center books from Scholastic!
The Nutcracker looks so fancy!!!
We have been dabbling in EduTyping, Google Classroom, and now Mathseeds & Reading Eggs!
Social Skill-Building is a CONSTANT in first grade.
We revisit our Growth Mindset chart weekly and use these daily social skill-building exercises to fix problems, should they arise, in the classroom.
Recently, we had some of these issues arise-
I highly recommend author Julia Cook!
She has wrote hundreds of situational books for kids and these really helped my class!
We also really enjoyed this book too-
So in Room 111, if we NEED to Tattle and get something off our chest, we walk over to our dinosaur stuffed plush and tell him all about it.
I made up this little sign to go on his basket-
This has saved the teacher much sanity!
If you would like a copy of the poster, you can click here or on the image above to grab it!
Also included are these alternating Tattle Friends!

For bigger problems between two students, they take their issue over to the Reflection Station and follow the 4-part apology steps.
This is my third year using the chart and again, it truly cuts down on teacher disruptions and allows students to be responsible for their interactions with other classmates throughout the day.
Yearbook photographer stopped by!
Say cheese!!!
That sure was a long post!!!  But well worth the time knowing you are reading this now!  Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with us!
Have a great week folks!
Mrs. DiBenedetto


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