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Hello there!   
It is such a pleasure to meet you.  I am so happy that you are here visiting the First Grade Critter Cafe! My name is Julie Marciniak and before I begin my teaching highlights, let me just share a few of my personal favorites with you!

Glass Blowing at the Toledo Museum of Art!  The artist is a local celebrity!  I had to wear the protective glasses, but the cool guy artist did not.  ( I guess they've seen me paint!!)
What does a teacher do the day before school starts in August?
Here's my answer to that!
After a long day teaching...... Don't worry. I just go down the sidewalk and back!

My favorite spring arrival----Bleeding Hearts in my backyard!

I was recently engaged to the LOVE of my LIFE!  
I met him here, at his restaurant in BG.....

Then, one year later....
Engaged to my handsome Italian!
How lucky am I?!
Wedding Plans are looking to be next Memorial Day weekend!!!  YAY!!
Please email me with all your most VITAL wedding do's and don'ts.  
I plan to stay ahead of the game and be prepared!

As do many of you,
I have the most incredible circle of family and friends.
My family is my treasure!
My friends keep it real!

My newest infatuation has taken me by storm....
Teacher Blogging is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I can't thank you enough for every freebie, tip, suggestion, holiday craft project....  My list goes on but I am truly in awe of the POWER we have as a teaching blog community!  
Sometimes our loved ones and dearest friends can't quite grasp a day as the "teacher".
Listening to our rambles, rants, and joyful outbursts about our students and school stuff sometimes overwhelms the normal person.
However, you and I are a different breed all together.  
We get to visit, every night, weekend, and during our morning cups of coffee.  We can check in with one another, run a post, and perhaps grab a few great classroom ideas before even heading off to school!  Teacher Bloggers are the most fascinating  most brilliant creatures on Earth!
We teachers have this amazing "understanding," 
a code, if you will,
and I thank you for that camaraderie. 
I feel that in the last 6 months of blogging, I have found so many wonderful teachers and now have these real, day-to-day friendships with so many of you!  Thank you for taking care of the newbies and reaching out everyday! 
 Your friendships are so dear to me!
Another great passion is my love for reading and literacy.
Many years ago, during college, I found a local reading organization that I thought would give me a different perspective on promoting literacy learning in a classroom someday.  Now, years later, I have the wonderful pleasure of being the PRESIDENT of that great organization   If you are familiar with the International Reading Association, I am President of the Toledo Area chapter.  
We call it TACIRA for short!  
What a fulfilling work of heart!
All non-profit, no pay.  Just our time and effort to promote and spread wonderful literacy opportunities throughout our local communities!  
So far this year, I have had the pleasure of hosting award-winning author Denise Brennan- Nelson. Dare I say we are now email buddies and friends!  What a sweetheart she is!   
 I look forward to meeting Julie Rubini this spring at our 
Spring Author Festival in May.
If you are interested in joining a professional literacy organization, take a peek at TACIRA's website.  

Click on the image above to learn more!  
Then you can link up and see what opportunities are available to you around your local community. 

That's all for now friends!
Be sure to add yourself as a  follower before leaving!
It is always an honor to have you stop by!


  1. Julie! How cute are you? I mean really! Adorbs!

  2. can you PLEASE email me the 2013 open house packet that I will be able to edit? PUH-LEASE!!! it is amazing!!! sgreen@tcss.net

  3. I just found this blog and love it! Now to weigh in about the motorcycle in your about me section...
    ...there is this wonderful book called "Kirby Kelvin and the Not Laughing Lessons" by Ivon Cecil. If you can find a copy you would LOVE it!

  4. Julie I just stumbled upon your blog. I am so happy to have found you. I am thinking about purchasing your realistic critter cafe however, I wanted to know if you critter cafe menu that was shown in your pensieve was included? If not could you email me one or could I purchase it? Your blog has been an answer to my prayers. thedavidsonfamily8@hotmail.com


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