Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fest and Halloween: Last minute details!

 My school participates in a Fall Festival the Friday before Halloween.  We celebrated with pumpkin races, a hay ride, and a harvest party like no other!  This was the first year of implementing my new "healthy choices" menu.  

The kids LOVED eating the Jack-o-Lantern sticks and dip!

How cute are the "nanner ghosts!"

We had a constant line at the veggie tray buffet!

I found some great freebies from TpT for Pumpkin Fun!  We weighed pumpkins and other harvest veggies.  We experimented with sink or float using the different vegetables.  There was even time for a Making Words activity!  Our work on writing included making books on how a pumpkin grows.

This making words activity is a wonderful freebie by Anna Bradley!  She is AWESOME!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and MORE Pumpkins!
Grab the writing activity for free over at Mrs. Reddick's TPT.

Candy Corn Estimation Bags

Estimation Fun

So now that Halloween is tomorrow, what are we planning?
Let's see...  How about some-

Perfect story for introducing our next pair of homophones!

Found this great anchor chart on Pinterest.  Thank you for sharing this great idea!

I created this additional anchor chart to map out a new non-fiction text.
We will use the purple stems first to record our prior knowledge on Halloween customs and symbols.
After reading our informational text, we will then add new learning on the green stems.

Hopefully we will have time to squeeze in a few more read-alouds too!

Signed just last week by none other than DENISE BRENNAN-NELSON herself!

This is my NEW Halloween FAVORITE!

Need more inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest board labeled "Halloween".  

Happy Halloween Everyone! Have a SpOoKtAcUlAr day!

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